10 eco-friendly Christmas trends for 2021

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Plantable cards, reusable advent calendars and sustainable gifts are some of the eco-friendly trends for Christmas 2021.

According to a study by Superdry, searches on Google for eco-friendly festivities have increased by 133% compared to last year. Christmas is the most wasteful time of year, so it’s great to see so many of us thinking about our impact on the planet.

Some of the changes made by Brits include buying reusable Christmas crackers (up 127%), using reusable Advent calendars (80%) and choosing reusable wrapping paper to give gifts. gifts (24%). It’s the small changes that can make all the difference.

Plantable Christmas cards are the top trend for 2021, with a 133% increase in search volume. Made from recycled paper, they’re encrusted with grass seeds and wildflowers so they can be planted outside once the festivities are over.

Other sustainable trends to try include plant-based glitter (100%), cooking vegan Christmas recipes (83%) and renting real Christmas trees instead of buying new ones (22% ).

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Take a look at the top sustainable trends to have on your radar this Christmas…

Top 10 eco-friendly trends for Christmas 2021

  1. Plantable Christmas Cards (133% increase in search volume)
  2. Reusable Christmas cookies (127%)
  3. Vegetable glitter (100%)
  4. Reusable Advent Calendar (89%)
  5. Vegan Christmas Recipes (83%)
  6. Organic turkey (50%)
  7. Used Christmas tree (40%)
  8. Reusable wrapping paper (24%)
  9. Sustainable gifts (23%)
  10. Christmas tree rental (22%)

    “The holiday season is responsible for a huge increase in carbon emissions and waste, but by making small green trades with some of our longstanding Christmas traditions, we can minimize the impact it has on the environment. ‘environment’, explains Superdry.

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