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With so many people on your holiday shopping list, it’s easy for you (and your wallet) to lose weight over the next month. Yes, showing your loved ones how much you care for them with a thoughtful gift is now to be expected at this time of year. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money in the process.

In fact, there are plenty of crowd-pleasing gifts out there that cost less than $ 80 (many even cost as little as $ 3). In the case of these budget ideas below, they are all perfect holiday gifts for the singer, songwriter, and music-obsessed friends in your life.

From a pair of hi-fi earplugs that help save their ears during band practice, to a sentimental ticket stub organizer to commemorate all of their past gigs, shop for some of our favorite affordable gifts ahead of time.

Large Scale Wine Glasses Set, Currently $ 68 on uncommongoods.com

Don’t want your next party to fall flat? Give it the perfect tone with the help of this major scale wine set, which includes four wine goblets marked with each note on the major scale. Fill your libations to the line and you will have crystal clear sounds.

“It was quite a dream” doormat, currently $ 34.40 on society6.com

Adorn your loved one’s patio or threshold with this bespoke, vibrant ode to the Notorious BIG But fair warning: you’re about to make friends and family the new Instagram destination.

Prince “Purple Rain” LP, currently $ 24.98 on nordstrom.com

Ranked among the top 10 of Rolling Stone’s 500 greatest albums of all time, a copy of “Purple Rain” won’t disappoint. And as any true audiophile can attest, records of this caliber sound even better on vinyl.

Custom Spotify Poster Print, currently $ 18.54 at etsy.com

Commemorate your favorite photographic memory and the corresponding song with this personalized poster. It is printed in the same vein as Spotify’s interface, allowing users to swap the traditional album cover with their own personalized photo and text with their own personalized messages.

Big Potato MTV The Throwback Music Party Game, currently $ 29 on target.com

Test the musical IQ of your loved ones with this retro board game. This includes triple charades cards, a TRL challenge and a whole host of head-scratching questions about music from the 80s, 90s and 2000s that will provide hours of entertainment on their next game night.

Nirvana socks, currently $ 2.99 on hm.com

Ditch the boring plain socks you would normally buy as a holiday gift and opt for a pair of these Nirvana graphic socks instead. It also doesn’t hurt that this is one of the most affordable and top rated gift ideas to top our list.

The Rolling Stones 78 Houston T-shirt, currently $ 38 at therollingstonesshop.com

Whether they attended The Stones’ Houston Concert 78 or just lived vicariously through the images they find on YouTube, we’re willing to bet your friends will have this vintage t-shirt in great rotation in their daily wardrobe.

Funko POP Rocks Johnny Cash, currently $ 19.99 on amazon.com

Funko is best known for being a supplier of pop culture collectibles, like this vinyl figure of legendary singer and songwriter Johnny Cash. And if Cash is slower for your loved ones, chances are there is a more suitable figure in Funko POP’s catalog of over 8,000 collectibles that is suitable.

Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation smart speaker, currently $ 29.99 at amazon.com

Amazon’s most popular smart speaker just got better. The third-generation device is packed with all the features we’ve come to expect, including Amazon Alexa voice control, privacy controls, and a compact design. But what sets it apart is its new improved audio quality, which delivers richer and louder sounds. Its music to our ears, if you ask us.

Redbubble Composer Grid Hardcover Journal, currently $ 20.51 on redbubble.com

As the knives are for the chefs and the brushes are for the painters, a songwriter relies on a notebook as part of his creative process. Using it, they can make sure that their lyrics, song ideas and thoughts can be stored in a safe place. So any notebook with many pages, including this option that features minimalist portraits of famous composers, will be put to good use by the songwriters in your life.

Just the Ticket Stub Organizer, currently at $ 10.45 on amazon.com

Even though concerts may be suspended for the foreseeable future, your friends can still relive their favorite live events with this Memory Book, which allows users to jot down your memories next to each ticket stub they have collected at. over the years.

“1000 record covers”, currently $ 15 on barnesandnoble.com

When it comes to coffee table books, there are few musical varieties that outweigh “1000 record covers”. This expansive anthology of album artwork comes with stunning visuals accompanied by insider stories of how these legendary covers came to life.

“Mixtape Potluck Cookbook,” currently $ 19.58 on amazon.com

Let Questlove “throw” the ultimate dinner party. In the “Mixtape Potluck Cookbook”, the Roots frontman receives 50 guests, including Michelin-starred chef Eric Ripert and Oscar-winning actress Natalie Portman, to cook up some of their favorite recipes. In addition to their dishes, Questlove pairs each cook with a song that captures their creative energy. The result? Captivating stories, mouth-watering recipes and an awesome soundtrack to boot.

Vibes Hi-Fidelity Earplugs, currently $ 23.98 on walmart.com

Shark Tank enthusiasts might recognize Vibes, the supplier of earplugs that lower decibel levels, all without muffling sounds. Using the outlets is a bit like turning down the volume on your television; Instead of blocking out all noise, Vibes uses its noise reduction technology to filter incoming sounds to a decibel level that is safe for your ears. They are perfect for group rehearsals, DJ sets, live concerts, and even loud practice classes where you want to enjoy the sounds around you, but just at a lower volume.

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