21 Best Eco-Friendly Gifts – Sustainable Gifts For Her 2022

If you’re looking for a gift for your mom or a graduation gift for your fashion-forward best friend, you might be hard pressed to find something she loves. really want to. Sure, anyone can buy a birthday present, but finding an eco-friendly, sustainable, unique AND useful gift? This is a slightly more difficult question.

Gifts with disposable packaging and plastic wrap can be wasteful, so we enlisted the expertise of sustainable fashion blogger Aditi Mayer. She says, “There are great resources out there to check if a brand is truly sustainable. Look for information on platforms like GoodonYou or ReMake’s brand directory!”

We asked Aditi about her favorite little swaps for a more eco-friendly lifestyle, and spoiler alert: some of her suggestions go great gifts. “For beauty and kitchen swaps, look for reusable items: think cotton makeup remover cartridges you can wash instead of single-use wipes; silicone food wraps versus sandwich bags, or terrycloth clothes instead of paper towels.” She says Seventeen, “I also like to give away plants or grow kits – whether it’s an herb garden or a pathetic plant!”

With his advice in mind, we’ve put together a list just for you. If you’re a college student on a budget, consider plant-based hair accessories and deadstock bags. If you are looking for a cute gift for a teenager, can we draw your attention to this adorable biodegradable phone case?

We also have natural beauty products for makeup junkies, sustainable, planet-friendly fashion, home decor for interior design enthusiasts, and amazing investment buys to spoil that special someone in your life. your life. What if you end up buying yourself something? We promise, we won’t tell!

Our top picks

Best gift for mom: Bearaby weighted cotton placemat

Best gift for your best friend: Pela Case Clear Little Friends iPhone Case

Best gift for her: Noiranca Amanda Bag in Maya Blue

The best low-waste gift for skincare addicts: Cocokind Reusable Facial Rounds

Best sustainable fashion gift: Girlfriend Fig ReSlide

Best Eco-Friendly Kitchen Gadget: Hot or Cold Vegetable Milk Machine

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