23 Best Sustainable Gifts – Eco-Friendly Gifts

earth day is April 22 and whether you’re trying to live that zero-waste life yourself – or know someone who does – giving gifts feels better if the items you buy have a low-impact footprint on the planet. environment. Plus, the brands are really stepping up their sustainability game with recycled materials, better living initiatives for the artisans and farmers who work for them, and transparency around the entire production process.

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So when you’re looking for ethically sourced and sustainable home, fashion, and lifestyle gifts that are not only coveted, but eco-friendly, look no further than this list. From cutting boards made from old guitar wood and yoga mats made from recycled plastic bottles, to vegan candles, refillable hand sanitizers and biodegradable planters, we’ve rounded up all 23 best sustainable gifts for earth day to make going green easy for everyone.

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