5 awesome, family-friendly games coming in 2021


As a parent of two children aged five and seven, I know that sometimes it is difficult to find games. I wrote the book on it. Well, technically I wrote the article on it. More often than not, people will design games for children knowing that children do not have the purchasing power to make returns, often knowing that parents will just think their children are not grateful. Personally, the only time it was beneficial to me was when the recent Bakugan came out on Nintendo Switch and it was so incredibly bad that my kids both lost interest in something that was costing me a ton. . They lost interest in toys, shows, and the whole franchise because of the seriousness of the game.

Fortunately, 2021 seems like the kind of year that corrects that. Pokemon is launching both a new Pokemon Snap and cute remakes of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. But there are also a ton of cool games for kids that fly completely under the radar. Here are some blips you might miss.


Developed by Nintendo
Releases: May 21, 2021

Miitopia was recently mentioned in a massive Nintendo announcement earlier this year where Nintendo dropped around 30 different upcoming titles, you might have missed it, especially if you didn’t understand WHAT you were seeing.

A remake (with a ton of newly added features) of a game of the same name that was originally discontinued for the 3DS years ago and absolutely loved it. The only thing that made me sad was that I couldn’t share my experience as I was confined to the small screen of the 3DS.

In Miitopia, you create a ton of Miis, Nintendo’s trademark avatars, and place them in the roles of various characters that you come across. Your group, the villain, the NPCs will all be characters of your own creation. Don’t think it will be all at once though. When you start out, a villain tore the world apart by removing everyone’s minds as well as their faces. As you travel the world, you will find enemies who have captured their spirits, and freeing them then allows you to create this person.

You would think it would get old, but as your game fills more and more with familiar faces, the game becomes more and more fun. For example, my main villain was an evil wizard who shared both Shaq’s name and face. It made me laugh every time he seemed to torment us.

As your group progresses, you unlock a ton of fun lessons. A character wearing a cardboard tank suit, a pop idol, a cat person, a scientist who makes concoctions in the middle of battle, and much more alongside traditional classes like heroes, mages, and healers.

And your character performs better depending on how well they get along. Sending them gifts and having them do activities together makes the difference between your characters helping each other out and getting into an argument in the middle of a battle that distracts them both, causing them to lose a turn.

The story never gets heavy and is filled with a ton of light, silly moments that work like weird scenes that probably wouldn’t be so funny without the fact that the characters involved are people in your life or a random meme – the characters you have created. Personally, I loved watching my children’s virtual characters constantly bicker. I know I should have gone for an escape fantasy where they got along wonderfully, but I can’t wait for them to see what happens when this game hits Nintendo Switch in May.

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