5 family video games to try in 2022

While most gamers today play alone or online with friends, family video games are a minority. The market is mainly dominated by violent games as they are perceived as more entertaining and fun.

Parents always want to spend more time with their children, but due to today’s modern lifestyle, taking them for an outing or just to the park can become difficult. On the other hand, video games are easy to access and represent an infinite possibility of worlds to discover together.

Each game would give a certain value to the child, whether it is to exercise their critical thinking or simply to expand their imagination. As our lives become increasingly virtual, it’s no surprise that parent-child interactions do too. With that in mind, here are five family video games that will be perfect for the next virtual hangout.

5 Family Friendly Video Games To Play In 2022

5) Dorfromantic

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Loosely translating to “village romance,” the family-friendly video game literally makes you fall in love with village life. A relaxing game of tile placement and puzzle strategy, this award-winning title transports players to an idyllic countryside. Initially, they are given a stack of hex tiles, and the essence of the title is where each one fits perfectly.

The tiles are procedurally generated and players are rewarded with bonus tiles if they find the right place for them. Nevertheless, the game continues just as well, even if players choose to build their own landscapes.

The game has no time limit or building constraints, making it an ideal therapeutic meditation game for players looking to calm down. There’s something charming about the pastel-colored houses and farmhouses with a loose, uneven edge, making Dorfromantik a great family video game.

4) The Last Campfire

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The Last Campfire is a visually stunning puzzle adventure about finding meaning in life and what defines home. It is very cute and colorful with a dark side always looming at the edge and is a great way to explain the duality of our world to children.

The story is about a soul named Ember who is lost and must travel through caves, swamps and forests to find their way home. During her quest, Ember encounters fantastical creatures and spirit guides that are found at every campfire.

These same spirits guide Ember to the Forlorns, embers who have lost their spark and given up. Ember must often solve complex puzzles to bring them back to light and rekindle their hopes. This family video game even has a demo you can try before you get it.

3) Unpacking

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Developed by Witch Beam, an Australia-based development studio, Unpacking is a Zen puzzle game. In reality, moving is a stressful activity, but the game challenges that with soothing background music and a whimsical, retro-inspired art style.

Without actually showing the tenant, the game gives clues about them as it follows their journey through 8 homes, from a single child’s bedroom to larger multi-room spaces. While unpacking their belongings, players follow the character’s story by noticing the items they possess and realizing which ones remain once they move around.

With minimal hands-on, it comes across as a delightful and memorable family video game that shows there are still new ways to tell a story in video games.

2) The Last Friend

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It’s not every day that you come across a game centered around a man’s best friend. The Last Friend, developed by Stonebot Studios, is a brawler that does just that.

Players control Alpha, the powerful silent protagonist who wanders a post-apocalyptic wasteland in a decorated RV to rescue furry dogs. Players must place turrets to defend the RV while entering with their bare hands to take on hordes of madmax-ish thugs who imprisoned dozens of dogs.

The gameplay is similar to Plants vs. Zombies, and each registered “good boi” is another unlocked skill or turret. Although the gameplay might be a little tricky for kids, the witty theme and dialogues make The Last Friend a fun, family-friendly experience.

1) Cityscape

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Townscaper isn’t really a game because it’s a virtual toy. It’s a kind of Lego set for building quaint, cobblestone villages as sprawling or as cozy as your imagination desires.

The game sticks to the basics without any complex traffic, infrastructure, or power management. Pick a color, drop the house blocks onto the jagged grid, and see how Townscaper’s underlying algorithm automatically converts those blocks into cute little houses with arches and stairs.

The lack of restrictions is the main appeal of the game, with a sandbox feel that allows players to be as creative as possible. The minimalistic gameplay and design add to the soothing and tranquil vibes and make Townscaper a great family video game to chill out.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinions of the author only.

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