5 Reasons Why Eco-Friendly Cryptos IMPT, Solana (SOL), and TAMA Will Pump x50 Gain by 2023

Investors around the world are on the hunt for the next big and promising altcoin. With Bitcoin ($BTC) already out of reach for many investors, there is more interest in exciting new projects than ever as traders seek new ways to diversify their portfolios after the major cryptocurrencies trended lower in 2022.

Eco-friendly tokens are the new rave, with proof-of-work-based cryptocurrencies facing the wrath of regulators and the global crypto community in light of environmental crises around the world. In this article, you’ll see why green tokens like SOL, TAMA, and IMPT are on track to pump like crazy in 2023. Read on!

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Why eco-friendly cryptocurrencies?

The first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, runs a consensus mechanism called Proof-of-Work. This mechanism is the basis of mining or the creation of new Bitcoins. On the Bitcoin blockchain, miners compete to solve the complex mathematical puzzles needed to validate and add new blocks to the chain. This process, known as “mining,” is power-intensive, as specialized computer hardware is required to process these complex algorithms.

In places like China, where most crypto mining is done, energy is generated via coal, which has a devastating impact on the environment. As a result, mining rigs consume a lot of energy, leaving huge carbon footprints in the atmosphere. For example, an NFT unit sold on the Ethereum blockchain has a carbon footprint comparable to a one-hour flight.

Recently, Ethereum replaced its proof-of-work-based mechanism with the more energy-efficient proof-of-stake model. However, many popular altcoins have yet to adopt more energy-efficient models.

Renewed awareness and concern for the environment in the face of global warming is resulting in increased interest and demand for eco-friendly cryptocurrencies. While there are plenty of new tokens, Solana, Tamadoge, and IMPT are well positioned to deliver maximum returns to investors in the new year.

Let’s take a closer look at these cryptocurrencies.

Presentation of IMPT

IMPT is a carbon offsetting network with more than 10,000 partner brands. Essentially, this blockchain-based carbon credit ecosystem connects users to important environmental projects around the world with the goal of improving the planet and reducing carbon emissions. You can buy IMPT tokens by visiting its official website and connecting your wallet to the presale platform.

The IMPT network carefully checks all its supported projects and ranks them according to their environmental impact. These audits ensure that brands adhere to global certification protocols. You can invest in any of the projects through the IMPT widget or the next IMPT app.

Each token can be exchanged for carbon credits, which are then converted and minted into NFTs. The carbon offset NFTs are then “burned” in exchange for a collectable equivalent. IMPT’s carbon market essentially allows investors to trade or withdraw their carbon credits, with the incentive of receiving unique and collectible NFTs.

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Introducing Tamadoge

TAMA is the latest meme piece in town, filled with real utility for putting traditional meme pieces to shame. The likes of Shiba Inu and Dogecoin have enjoyed popularity in the market due to their association with a trending social media meme. However, they serve little or no purpose outside of being digital means of payment.

Tamadoge takes meme coins to a whole new level with its unique Play-to-Earn system, where users can win and compete against other users with their unique TAMA NFTs. Additionally, TAMA’s fixed market supply, coupled with the project’s “burning” of tokens every few years, is reminiscent of the approach that made Bitcoin the premier cryptocurrency. This method guarantees a more upward trajectory for tokens than most other approaches.

Although TAMA has only been around for a few months, it is undoubtedly making great strides in the crypto market, with collaborations with other metaverses and big name exchange listings well underway.

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Introducing Solana

Founded by Anatoly Yakovenko in 2017, Solana is an open-source Web 3.0 project that implements a unique, efficient, permissionless blockchain to support DeFi technology and decentralize the global financial system. Solana’s mission is to support all high-growth, high-frequency blockchain applications and democratize global financial systems.

The Solana blockchain uses a unique version of the energy-efficient Proof-of-Stake model called Proof-of-History (PoH). Today, SOL’s market supply stands at just over 500 million tokens, with a market capitalization of $11.9 billion and a fully diluted valuation of $17.1 billion.

According to recent reports, the blockchain is very energy efficient, with its carbon intensity dropping from 201 g CO2 per kWh to 198 g CO2 per kWh in December 2021.

Reasons why TAMA, IMPT and SOL will pump in 2023

2022 has been a bad year for the biggest names in the crypto industry, with many tokens dropping in market value. However, SOL, IMPT and TAMA promise to be the next big thing in the industry for the following reasons:

  1. Promising launches

A token that is widely accepted and trusted by the crypto community is meant to perform well in the long run. Today, the IMPT project has more than 10,000 brand partners. TAMA launched a tantalizing $20 million pre-sale, while Solana’s 2021 boom saw it become the fastest growing token this year.

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  1. They are energy efficient

Growing concern over global warming disasters is putting increasing pressure on the blockchain industry to revolutionize its mechanisms and reduce carbon footprint. DeFi giants Ethereum, in their recent merger, completed the shift to a more sustainable consensus mechanism, and this trend is expected to continue for the foreseeable future.

As a result, environment-focused tokens such as TAMA, SOL, and IMPT are sure to see their demands increase exponentially in the coming year.

  1. They are based on NFT

The blockchain industry is shifting from single-use, payment-oriented tokens to ecosystems that offer more utility. TAMA, SOL, and IMPT are all NFT-based tokens, and their popularity is sure to grow, as will their demand and market value in 2023.

For example, Solana’s Degenerate Apes NFT collection sold out in about 10 minutes, contributing to an increase in the value of the token. As more enthusiasts, collectors, gamers, and artists jump on the NFT bandwagon, we’re sure to see related tokens like TAMA, SOL, and IMPT increase in value over the coming year.

  1. Effective Tokenomics

The key to the success of a crypto project is the tokenomics or economics of its ecosystem. Tokens with no real-world utility tend to perform poorly, given that they are only designed to be capitalized by pump-and-dump investors.

TAMA, for example, burns a certain quota of its tokens every few years to reduce supply and keep prices high. Its unique reward system for its Play-to-Earn games ensures that much of the value of its cash pool ends up in the hands of users.

On the other hand, Solana should remain relevant in the coming years thanks to its support for DeFi applications. Additionally, TAMA’s NFT and environmental approach ensures that its value will increase in the long term.

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  1. Whales accumulate eco-tokens

As the realities of the Ethereum merger kick in, we see crypto whales piling up eco-friendly tokens like TAMA, SOL, IMPT, and more. All are fast-growing tokens, and with so much interest from institutional investors, it’s only a matter of time before supply dwindles and their values ​​skyrocket.


If you don’t have any of these tokens in your wallet, you’re running out of time! After the difficulty of 2022, 2023 promises to be a new start for investors and enthusiasts smart enough to invest wisely. Therefore, you can consider investing in these eco-friendly cryptocurrencies today.

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