6 tech tips for baby boomers

People born between 1946 and 1964 are called baby boomers. They experienced several turning points in history that influenced the formation of their opinion and their values. This generation had to adapt to new technologies and for this reason, these people are considered digital immigrants. They witnessed first-hand the advent of the Internet, the fax machine, the evolution of personal computers and the first bulky cell phones of the 80s and 90s.

It is often quite difficult for older people to master the features of using a wide range of modern gadgets. However, they strive to learn this because they want to make their life more dynamic, interesting and rich. Having mastered a smartphone, for example, a person can not only communicate with family and friends, but also play exciting games, as well as use various useful applications, such as the Fax application. Watch training videos, fax with iphone, and online book reading becomes available anytime and anywhere. But how can baby boomers learn to make the most of modern technology? Find 6 helpful tech tips for baby boomers below.

dumb phones

Modern mobile phones are becoming more technologically advanced and functional every year. However, another direction is developing along with it – the devices are simplified to the extreme, performing certain tasks assigned to them only.

And while a company like Apple continues to improve its gadgets, equipping them with ever-better fingerprint scanners, fax machines and digital cameras, baby boomers are largely using cheap phones with big buttons. practice. Here are some reasons why a boomer phone is better suited for an older person than a touchscreen phone:

To properly use this baby boomer technology, it is recommended to pre-configure the device. It is essential to adjust the display brightness and set the maximum font size. You must fill in the list of numbers for speed dials. You should also enable the keyboard lock option to avoid accidentally given commands.


Baby boomers who have a good understanding of modern technology can be proficient with the PC and the smart phone. The iPhone offers more options than a mute phone. The software capabilities of a smart phone will make it possible to simply, quickly and finely customize the phone for the owner, increase the font, arrange applications in a convenient order, activate the electronic assistant, etc.

Programs that improve the quality of life and make it easier can also bring benefits. These include mobile banking, delivery of food, medicine and other goods, finding and hiring specialists, nutritional control, recording pressure, obtaining documents and even making an appointment with a doctor.

To use an iPhone most effectively, it is recommended to set it up correctly. First, it is important to enable display scaling and improve readability by increasing the text size. Secondly, it is advisable to increase the volume of the ringtone, activate LED Alerts, and the Find My iPhone feature. Third, you need to set up speed dial and enable voice dialing.


Currently, there is a rapid development of nanotechnology, that is, scientific and practical methods for manipulating substances at a level below 100 nanometers. The scope of nanotechnology is virtually unlimited. Industry, energy, space research, medicine, rescue of people, offshore oil production and technological equipment of military units – all these industries and many more will change decisively under the influence nanotechnology and become more efficient.

Baby boomers should not stay away from nanotechnology, as it can greatly facilitate life, improve its quality and duration.


If baby boomers find it difficult to master a PC, then it is possible to use a laptop. Combining large screens and high-resolution buttons with attractive form factors, tablets are a little less portable than smartphones, but offer more functionality.

Baby boomers shouldn’t buy a powerful, expensive and productive tablet at the same time. After all, an elderly person is unlikely to be able to play modern games or work with resource-intensive programs from the first minute. It is recommended to give preference to an inexpensive laptop that performs all the standard functions available for any other similar device, and gradually master it.

Reading lights

Recently, more and more people are choosing e-books over paper books. They can be read from any modern gadget, but electronic readers are best suited for this. Their advantages are convenience and availability. Baby boomers should not be excluded from this technology as it provides access to many books at any time. Moreover, mastering an e-reader is usually not difficult.

Shopping online

Online shopping is another modern technology that can benefit baby boomers. Buying on the Internet today is very simple and fast. You don’t even have to leave your own home. Any device, for example, a PC or a tablet, will help you make a purchase with just a few clicks. However, it is recommended to shop carefully, compare the prices of different online sellers and inquire in detail about the quality of the product in advance.

Therefore, the digital world offers many exciting opportunities for baby boomers to age with dignity and participate in society as active citizens, able to fully exercise their rights and contribute to enriching our society with their knowledge and experience. .

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