7 budget food bloggers with easy and budget-friendly recipes

Cooking at home is a great way to save money, especially with inflation at its highest level in 40 years.

But preparing, buying and cooking affordable meals isn’t always easy.

Brilliant cookbooks and celebrity cooking shows are enjoyable and all. But where can you Actually learn to cook, in your own kitchen, on a small budget?

Enter our top picks for bloggers and food influencers on a budget who can teach you how to cook delicious, inexpensive meals at home.

These popular food personalities can spice up your social media feed with easy-to-prepare recipes and money-saving grocery tips.

Let’s dig.

7 low-budget food bloggers and influencers to follow

We all know how difficult it is to balance healthy eating on a budget.

As supermarket prices soar, there’s a growing appetite for budget food blogs.

We’ve rounded up our seven favorite food influencers who specialize in easy, inexpensive recipes.

And by cheap, we’re talking $5 dinners that feed a family of four and a full Thanksgiving dinner for $35..

Your stomach – and your wallet – will thank you.

1. Frankie Celenza

Instagram: @frankiecooks

Website: https://www.tastemade.com/shows/linear-struggle-meals/

Best known for: His show “Struggle Meals” where he teaches beginners on a budget how to cook.

Frankie Celenza aims to make cooking accessible, healthy and affordable.

His TV show “Struggle Meals” teaches viewers how to whip up frugal dishes – like $2 or less per serving – plus ways to save money on groceries and practical tips on meal planning.

Her funny and energetic personality makes the episodes entertaining and informative.

Celenza started cooking as a student at New York University around 2009, but shot to fame with Tastemade’s “Struggle Meals” during the pandemic.

You can check it out on Instagram and watch episodes of Struggle Meals on YouTube, where you’ll find gems like “Frankie Goes Grocery on Just $3,” “How to Make the Perfect Scrambled Eggs,” and “How to Use Up Leftover Herbs.” and citrus zest.

British chef Tom Kerridge is best known for his “full-time meals”, with co-host Marcus Rashford. They teach families how to cook economical meals with limited kitchen equipment. Photo courtesy of Tom Kerridge

2. Tom Kerridge

Instagram: @FullTimeMeals

Website: https://endchildfoodpoverty.org/full-time-meals

Best known for: “Full-Time Meals” where he and co-host Marcus Rashford teach kids and families the skills to cook affordable meals with limited kitchen equipment.

Tom Kerridge is a well-known British chef who launched “Full Time Meals” in April 2021. The 5-minute video series aims to make budget-friendly and super hearty recipes at home.

Kerridge teamed up with Marcus Rashford, a British footballer, to create the series of 52 videos as part of a campaign to end child hunger and poverty in the UK.

The 52 Instagram videos feature really tasty recipes that the whole family can cook. In fact, most meals are prepared using just one pot and everyday pantry essentials.

The duo’s IG also includes spotlights on affordable ingredients like potatoes and chickpeas, as well as tips for creating a supermarket cheat sheet and organizing your fridge.

A woman smiles for a photo taken in her kitchen.
MaryAnn Allen, the face behind popular food blog, The Frugal Chef, offers humorous advice on budget meals. Photo courtesy of MaryAnn Allen

3. Mary Ann Allen

Instagram: @thefrugalchef

Website: https://thefrugalchef.com/

Best known for: Her food blog and YouTube channel, The Frugal Chef, which helps people cook healthy meals without breaking the bank.

MaryAnn Allen is the founder of The Frugal Chef, a popular blog and YouTube channel featuring budget meal ideas, tips and humor.

Allen founded his blog in 2008, and The Frugal Chef’s YouTube channel still posts several new videos a week.

Her website is also full of pages of delicious meal ideas like easy keto brownies, squash soup, and Instant Pot beef stew.

The frugal chef cooks up menus of weekly meal plans, tips on reducing food waste and how to freeze virtually any food.

4. Joshua Weissman

Instagram: @joshuaweissman

Website: https://www.joshuaweissman.com/

Best known for: Her YouTube channel, which features a series of “But Cheaper” videos of low-cost recipes.

Joshua Weissman is an Austin-based professional chef, cookbook author, and food blogger who started sharing recipes on YouTube in early 2015.

The 20-something chef has since become one of the platform’s most popular foodies with more than 6.5 million subscribers.

Weissman’s short video series titled “But Less Expensive” focuses on creating quick and easy meals on a shoestring budget.

He’s shared more than 50 “But Less Expensive” videos, including “A Whole Thanksgiving Meal for $35,” “The $2 American Breakfast,” and a $30 Charcuterie Platter.

You can also find tons of money-saving recipes and inspiration on her website and her Instagram account, which has 1.3 million followers.

Pro tip

When you see recipes in your Instagram feed that you want to try, save them to a collection to refer to later when you’re cooking meals or writing your weekly grocery list.

A vegan food blogger smiles for the camera outside near her garden while holding a bunch of kale.
Toni Okamoto shares budget vegan and vegetarian recipes on her food blog, Plant-Based on a Budget. Photo courtesy of Toni Okamoto

5. Toni Okamoto

Instagram: @plantbasedonabudget

Website: https://plantbasedonabudget.com/

Best known for: Inexpensive vegan meals at $25 a week via Plant-Based on a Budget.

Toni Okamoto founded the Plant-Based on a Budget food blog in September 2016 to share budget-friendly vegan and vegetarian recipes.

Plant-Based on a Budget shows that cutting meat and dairy from your diet is a smart way to save money and eat healthier.

Whether she’s sharing ideas for spinach potato pie, buffalo cauliflower veggie wraps, or tofu tacos, Okamoto is proving you don’t have to sacrifice time, taste, or taste. money to follow a plant-based diet.

Okamoto, a Japanese and Mexican American, also offers advice on recreating cultural favorites with meatless alternatives.

Besides her food blog and IG account, Okamoto posts healthy and affordable recipes on her YouTube channel.

A woman smiles while wearing an apron in the kitchen.
Beth Moncel of Budget Bytes creates creative recipes while making cooking affordable. Photo courtesy of Beth Moncel

6. Beth Moncel

Instagram: @budgetbytes

Website: https://www.budgetbytes.com/

Best known for: Budget Bytes, a food blog for low cost meal preparation and recipes.

Beth Moncel started her food blog, Budget Bytes, in 2009 after graduating from college.

“I was working a low-wage job and barely making ends meet,” Moncel wrote on the About page of his website. “I had already cut all discretionary spending, so the only place to cut was food.”

Thus began Moncel’s journey into budget meal planning, smart shopping and affordable cooking.

His philosophy? Cooking on a budget shouldn’t mean eating canned beans and ramen noodles every night.

She always whips up creative recipes, with eye-catching meals like Lemon Cucumber Couscous Salad and Tomato Basil Chicken.

Budget Bytes’ Insta has nearly half a million followers and is regularly updated with mouth-watering recipes and easy-to-follow live videos.

Erin Chase, the person behind 5 Dollar Dinners, poses for a portrait in her kitchen with fresh food on the kitchen counter.  She has blonde hair and wears a blue top.
Erin Chase’s food blog, 5 Dollar Dinners, has a plethora of recipes that will teach you how to “spend less on groceries and make peace by cooking dinner every night.” Photo courtesy of Erin Chase

7. Erin Chase

Instagram: @5dollarddinners

Website: https://www.5dollarddinners.com/

Best known for: Her food blog, 5 Dollar Dinners, which teaches you how to “spend less on groceries and make peace by cooking dinner every night.”

Erin Chase is the brains and mother of three behind 5 Dollar Dinners, a food blog aimed at helping busy families save time and money by organizing, planning and cooking inexpensive meals.

The 5 Dollar Dinners site includes a library of affordable recipes like Pesto Chicken Pasta and Beef Fajita Skillets. And many articles like “7 money saving tips for packing lunches” and “15 breakfast ideas to go”.

Chase is also the author of several cookbooks and the host of “The Erin Chase Show”, which airs on Amazon Live and Facebook Live.

Rachel Christian is a Certified Personal Finance Educator and Senior Writer for The Penny Hoarder.

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