7 eco-friendly games to play with your friends


Mehen, an ancient Egyptian board game.

The majority of games played these days are video games that are played on some sort of electronic device and to be honest, that’s not the most environmentally friendly way to play games.

Using electronic devices and smartphones all the time just isn’t great. Sometimes we need to go back to physical socialization and talk directly with our loved ones. In such cases, eco-friendly board games have always been the best because not only do they bring friends and families together, but they are also generally eco-friendly without harming the environment.

Whether it’s your favorite Monopoly board game or you enjoy playing cards with your friends, there are now all board games available that are made from environmentally friendly materials that are not harsh on the environment. environment and you can always have a good time with your friends and family members when playing board games. Let’s take a look at some of the eco games to play with your friends:

1. V: King or Kubb

It is an ecological game perfect for the outside. Previously, he was known as Kubb, but he is not called V: King inspired by ancient Vikings. It’s a fun game where players have to smash their opponents’ shields using their battle axes. If anyone succeeds, they will come out victorious and get the crown.

The game is based on strategy and teamwork. You don’t need to be very strong or fast to win this game, you just need to have the right strategy to snatch the crown from your enemies and dethrone them.

There are now eco-friendly versions of V:King/Kubb that are made entirely from hardwood and free of chemical and toxic stains. A fun game for you and your pumped up group.

2. Endango

Endango is a board game that requires taking care of different environments such as forests, oceans, ice caps, safaris, etc. Every environment has endangered species that you need to protect and every move you make will help them survive or further promote their extinction. The ultimate goal is to ensure that you protect all endangered animals in each environment.

Not only is this game made of eco-friendly materials, but it also teaches us how our small actions can lead to the destruction of the planet and the different species that inhabit it.

3. Tic Tac Toe

Although Tic Tac Toe is a simple game, but who said it’s not fun? In Tic Tac Toe you have to think of a unique strategy through which you can outsmart your opponent. Not only is this game simple and fun to play, but you can literally play it anytime. Additionally, there are now different eco-friendly versions of the game, made from 100% recyclable materials.

4. Cards

Playing cards has always been fun. Whether you’re at a party or need to kill some time, cards have always been fun to play. Not only is a deck of cards cheap, but it comes in handy in different situations. Additionally, there is now an eco-friendly version of the cards available such as the Bicycle Eco Edition which is made only from eco-friendly materials such as starch-based glue, vegetable-based inks and paper from sustainable forests, and with this, they can also be fully recycled into a new deck of cards.

Those who find it difficult to leave their smartphone or laptop can still play cards very easily on these devices. Popular electronic card games include Solitary, Klondike Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, etc These games are also very fun to play and provide a mind-soothing experience.


UNO is the perfect game you need when you’re traveling, camping or fishing. We all have played UNO at some point in our lives and whenever you go on a long trip with your friends, playing UNO is always a good choice. You won’t be bored and if you beat your friends you will have bragging rights to them. There is now an eco-friendly version of UNO available, UNO Wilderness Edition which is 100% eco-friendly.

6. Boggle

Boggle is another classic board game that most of us love to play with our friends and family. Although most of the versions were made from plastic, there are now newer, eco-friendly versions of the game that are made from durable wood instead of plastic, and compared to plastic, wood is definitely a product. eco-friendly. Equipment.

All game rules remain exactly the same, the only difference is that you play on a wooden Boggle board instead of plastic. You can still play your favorite board with your friends and family members and have fun.

7. Scrabble and Jenga

Scrabble is another eco-friendly board game that’s always fun to play. If you are a linguist or a vocabulary expert, you would like to play Scrabble. There is also a wooden version of Scrabble available these days that you can play with if you want to promote an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Jenga is another game that people love to play, especially kids and teenagers. Stacking the sticks and keeping them balanced is always a fun and challenging thing to do. Jenga is loved by people of all ages and as the game progresses it becomes more and more difficult to balance the wooden sticks and eventually one of the players ends up losing.

Scrabble and Jenga are two games that have their eco-friendly versions readily available in the market and they can be played by people of all ages, kids, teenagers, adults, seniors, anyone can play these games.



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