7 eco-responsible gifts for men for Valentine’s Day



Tired of opting for dark chocolate and a bottle of wine?

One way to spoil your partner this Valentine’s Day is to buy them a niche, lasting gift that they can show off to their friends.

From recycled wood cufflinks to socks that save endangered orangutans, take your pick from our selection below.

1. Critically Endangered Socks

Socks may already be your go-to for gifts for the men in your life, but what about socks with an ethical difference. Critically Endangered Socks help protect some of the world’s most endangered species – each pair is dedicated to a particular animal.

It all started when founder Dom Desmond visited the jungles of northern Borneo and first saw the majestic critically endangered orangutans in the wild. Dom says, “We must act now if we are to save some of the most beautiful creatures on earth from the brink of extinction.”

Take your pick from Sumatran elephant to Maui dolphin, or even better, a striped pack of five. The socks are perfect for animal lovers and are made from a soft and durable blend of bamboo and cotton, which come in recycled cardboard packaging.

Pairs are £ 12 / € 13.70 of critically endangered socks.

2. Vegan recycled rubber belt (motorcycle tire)

This stylish vegan belt is made from recycled rubber from recycled motorcycle tires.

Unlike a tire that has reached the end of its useful life, this tough rubber belt is just getting started.

The belts are handmade and come in a variety of sizes to suit your man. No two products are the same.

Buy it for £ 38 / € 43 from Paguro Upcycle.

3. Plant trees in the name of love

Instead of buying a material gift this year, why not plant trees on behalf of your loved one?

Ecologi is a subscription service that plants trees based on your monthly donations.

It invests your money in projects that remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and creates an interactive profile for you so you can watch your forest grow over time.

You can plant trees with Ecologi for just £ 4.70 / € 5 per month.

4. Surprise him with a food waste Valentine’s Day meal

Going out to a fancy restaurant on love day is nice, but it always ends up being an expensive night out and a lot of fuss. Wouldn’t you rather have delicious food delivered to you, to accompany with a hug on the sofa?

Instead of buying new food, you can now use the Karma app to collect junk food from restaurants and retailers in the UK and EU.

1.3 billion tonnes of food waste is generated worldwide each year – it is one of the most pressing issues facing our planet today. So one of the best things you can do is take advantage of the surpluses that food retailers don’t need.

Karma Surplus Food is extremely reduced to often half the price. Spicy noodles could range from £ 8 to £ 4 (€ 4.50), while a set of crunchy salmon sushi would range from £ 7.90 to £ 3.99.

5. A massage in the comfort of your own home

Save on transport costs and abandon the idea of ​​’Spa Day’, it is much easier and more comfortable to book a couples massage at home.

The Urban wellness app has massage therapists and estheticians on call who come directly to your home at your convenience. Choose from Urban Classic and Deep Tissue massages, osteopathy or a cleansing facial treatment.

Prices depend on where you are based in the UK, but a The Urban Classic massage starts from £ 59 / € 67 for 60 minutes.

6. Durable merino wool running sneakers

If he needs some new sneakers and fancy a workout, be sure to opt for these eco-friendly sneakers from Giesswein.

The family business manufactures the sneakers in Austria from high quality merino wool. This means that they are super light, flexible and very durable.

The brand really lives up to its sustainability credentials, with 0% use of oil in products, 0% wasted material and 90% recycled water in production.

You can buy the sneakers in 14 colors for £ 116 / € 132 per pair in Giesswein.

7. Round cufflinks made from recycled skateboard wood

Is he wearing a suit?

Men love cufflinks, but they may never have considered buying recycled wood.

These are extremely chic, with silver plated links, and are handcrafted from old and broken skateboards. The skateboards were collected from landfills, recycled and then turned into these beautiful accessories for men.

Each pair is unique and is the talking point of any outfit.

The cufflinks are £ 25 / € 28 from Paguro Upcycle.

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