9 of the best family movies on Netflix

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Family movie night is one of the healthiest things in life. But, sometimes your choice can miss the mark when it comes to entertaining the whole clan.

We’ve rounded up some of Netflix’s top picks to ensure a great time for the whole family. Read on for tips on how to improve your next family movie night.


Not only a classic watch, but the original 2001 film is also sure to reveal some jokes that may have flew over the heads of those who haven’t watched since they were kids themselves. Prepare for newcomers to add phrases about onions, waffles and rocks to their repertoire. Plus, for those with a regular family movie schedule, there’s Shrek 2, 3 and 4 to add to the rotation for a complete cinematic journey. Watch it here.

The secret life of pets

Action, drama, adventure and pets with varied and secret agendas – the perfect weekend watch for the whole family – four-legged members included. Follow two bickering pet dogs as they find common ground against a gang of angry animals plotting an attack on humans. Watch it here.

Paddington 2

Achieving Cult Status, the Sequel to the Beloved Original Paddington provides thrills, laughter and comforting pleasure. Follow Paddington as a well-meaning shopping trip turns into a mad dash of supposed theft and mystery. Watch it here.

Bran Nude Dae

This Australian musical directed by Rachel Perkins is the screen adaptation of the stage show of the same name. Settle 1969 Broome, the film follows Willie Johnson, a First Nations student living on the west coast of Australia. He runs away from a Catholic boarding school with its cruel director in pursuit, encountering eccentric characters along the journey back to his hometown. Watch it here.

Taken away as if by magic

A Studio Ghibli masterpiece, Taken away as if by magic will transport you to a world of fear, adventure and dangerously delicious snacks. Follow Chihiro as she wanders through a magical world where the all-powerful witch, Yubaba, controls a magical bathhouse for wandering spirits and turns those who disobey her into animals. This visual delight is the perfect springboard into the captivating world of Ghibli. Watch it here.

Red Dog

Another Aussie classic, this one will touch the hearts of those who care about their four-legged family members. Be warned, you’ll probably want to pack some tissues, but the tears are definitely worth the comforting trip. Follow Red Dog on an epic and touching journey of loyalty, heartbreak and adventure through the scenic surroundings of Western Australia. Watch it here.

football legends

Filmed in the western suburbs of Sydney, this Australian film follows the story of Luc Vu (played by Ahn Do), a young Vietnamese-Australian obsessed with rugby league. When his impending unemployment threatens his guardianship of his younger sister, he rallies his old Yagoona High School football team in hopes of winning a local competition that will put his prospects back on track. Watch it here.

Jasper Jones

Australian writer Craig Silvey’s screen adaptation of the 2009 novel of the same name, Jasper Jones is another hit from Rachel Perkins. A coming-of-age story about fourteen-year-old Charlie Bucktin’s book, the film is set during a scorching summer vacation in Australia in 1969 and navigates racism, prejudice and small-town secrets in which it takes place. This one is aimed at families with older kids, with plenty of conversations sure to spark after the closing credits. Watch it here.

Suddenly 30

A classic romantic comedy from the 2000s, Suddenly 30 follows 13-year-old Jenna, who is fed up with middle school social structures. When a birthday wish goes awry, she suddenly finds herself thrown into a world where she’s 30 and all her perceptions of what life would be like are put to the test. Watch it here.

Have you completed all the movies? It’s time to check out the best kids shows on Netflix.

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