A fun dose of Swedish pop adapted to the screams

I will admit, Let’s Sing presents ABBA wasn’t particularly on the horizon for my most anticipated games for this year – but it’s always nice when something unexpected pops your way, especially when that thing is unexpectedly fun. I hate to sing my own horn but I can hold a tune so it’s not uncommon to find myself singing ABBA every day. I am the girl who saw Mom Mia more times than I could count, so I didn’t particularly think I needed a video game to get me to sing the legendary ABBA bops. That being said, Let’s Sing presents ABBA is full of a wide range of modes and challenges and I soon found myself sucked into its musical magic.

There are seven modes in total, but let’s start with how you track those voices. The easiest – and cheapest – way to do this is to download the Let’s Sing app which turns your phone into a handy dandy microphone. Alternatively, you can use a USB microphone. I used the official that came with the game (courtesy of the publisher) and while I can’t say it’s a necessary purchase, I felt like pop star royalty holding it in my hands playing classic ABBA hits to an audience that included my cat and only my cat.

Check out the trailer for Let’s Sing presents ABBA below.

Let’s get to those seven playing modes. I started with the simple classic mode which basically lets you sing along to a track, being given a note for the accuracy and “perfect pitch” of your singing. I took “Thank You For The Music” and landed a nice diamond score on my first try, so I upped the ante. Then, “Winner takes all.” While I said earlier that I could hold a track, we all have limits and I met mine here, screaming my way through the last part of the song. Still, I ended up with a diamond score, so if you’re bad at singing, don’t worry. As long as you vaguely yell the right sound, you should be good. I still don’t know if it’s a blessing or an annoyance.

Looking for something a little more exciting, I switched to Legend mode. This is the only mode with a sense of progression. You must complete three challenges before moving on to a “boss battle”. Win and you’ll unlock a new group of challenges. The challenges were to sing a set number of perfect notes throughout the song or hold a string for as many seconds. Again, any type of high-pitched scream seemed to do it, so it wasn’t exactly hard to beat those challenges, but I enjoyed the tasks way more than just singing ABBA hits. In boss fights, you are tasked with scoring higher than a singing AI. Through the different modes, you’ll unlock outfits for your avatar inspired by ABBA’s most iconic looks. These are fun additions, but I wasn’t clamoring to add my collection to them.

In terms of other modes, there’s Mix Tape 2.0 which sees you sing five ABBA tracks in a megamix, and World Contest where you compete against other players. Don’t worry, other players can’t hear you – or you, them. Both were fun in small doses but didn’t particularly hold my attention. Jukebox lets you listen to the included ABBA tracks that I could definitely do without. That leaves us with Feat and Let’s Party which lets you team up with your competing friends either in a duet in the former or in a team chant in the latter. Reviewing this game alone, I didn’t have any friends on hand, but I guess that’s where Let’s Sing presents ABBA prosperous. After all, who wouldn’t want to hear their friends take on “Dancing Queen” several hours into a party. I certainly would.

Let’s Sing presents ABBA / Credit: Ravenscourt

My main complaint with Let’s Sing presents ABBA maybe just the fact that there aren’t enough songs. There are 31 to get you started, with plenty of major hits. Still, I couldn’t help but think it could have been thickened with the addition of ‘Angeleyes’, ‘I Have A Dream’ or ‘Lay All Your Love On Me’, to name just three tracks. omitted.

In all, Let’s Sing presents ABBA is an injection of joy best enjoyed in small doses. Thanks to its mass appeal, it’s a game I can see having longevity in my collection as I release it at parties for many years to come, although it’s not one I’ll be returning to often. as a solo player – much to the relief of my neighbors, I’m sure. I’d like to see the song selection expanded, but the game’s “difficulty” is accessible enough to be enjoyed by seasoned sopranos and inebriated dance queens.

Advantages: Huge variety of modes, can support up to eight players, hit ABBA bops

The inconvenients: Could have a wider variety of songs, will lie and tell you your pitch is perfect

For fans of: Swedish pop, any Let’s Sing track

6/10: Good

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