A Kid-Friendly Mode For Twitch Could Generate New Meta

People of all ages can access the internet more easily than ever these days, so it’s no surprise that major websites like YouTube and Tic attract a lot of young users. Kids love browsing websites like these as much as adults, but the age difference comes with a lot of complications. Parents, content creators and website moderators all have their own concerns about what kids might find on a site like Twitch, as evidenced by Twitch’s attempts to limit content like hot tub streams. these last years. It also inspired Pokimane to come up with a Twitch filter specifically for younger internet users.


During a recent stream, Pokimane chatted with his viewers about young Twitch users and suggested that the streaming platform should introduce a special content roster similar to YouTube Kids. Parents would definitely appreciate having a clear list of family channels that their children can enjoy. If Twitch creates some kind of Twitch Kids subsector of its own, however, viewers won’t be the only ones affected. Streamers, both well-known personalities and newcomers to the children’s entertainment side of YouTube, could flock to family Twitch streaming in hopes of capturing some of the Twitch Kids audience in a new meta of streaming.

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Twitch Content for Kids

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A Twitch meta focused on catering to younger viewers seems plausible since something similar has happened on YouTube before. Many very young children get their entertainment from YouTubers, whether those YouTube channels focus on unboxing toys, animations featuring Disney characters, or any other type of lighthearted content. Many content creators have flocked to kid-friendly YouTube content because of audience loyalty; Today, some of YouTube’s biggest channels are top-notch YouTube Kids content, like Cocomelon, which has 128 million subscribers. For these channels, children’s entertainment continues to be lucrative.

This success doesn’t have to be exclusive to YouTube. On the contrary, it seems likely that Twitch streamers could emulate many of the kid-friendly entertainments that are making the rounds on YouTube. Whether it’s hosting live concerts, playing family video games, or doing live craft activities that kids can imitate from home, Twitch could provide plenty of engagement for young viewers, especially if channels like these belonged to a special Twitch Kids subcategory that was easy for kids and their parents to find. With a bit of streamlining by Twitch itself, streamers could find success on par with top YouTube Kids channels.

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While the stars of a theoretical Twitch Kids would likely be new streamers that cater entirely to younger viewers, more streamers could be trying to break into the category. Kids love coming back to their favorite YouTube channel again and again, which means streamers who qualify for a kid-friendly version of Twitch can attract new, loyal viewers by playing Twitch Kids-approved games and creating content. slightly more docile overall. Twitch Kids could also prove invaluable in helping smaller channels become major successes, connecting new Twitch users with channels that match their interests, should smaller channels lean into the Twitch Kids model.

Of course, at this time, Twitch Kids is just a proposal from Pokimane, and it remains to be seen if Twitch itself is listening or has an established interest in supporting a network of kids’ channels. If Twitch made such an attempt, however, many channels would likely jump on it as an opportunity. Trends on Twitch like the hot tub meta and the TV meta tend to shape content created by even the biggest streamers. Twitch Kids would inevitably encourage a trend toward all-ages content that some streamers might pursue to grow their channels. It will be interesting to see if Tic has something to say about Pokimane’s suggestion.

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