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Dear readers: It’s time again for what has become a bi-annual look at products and services available to caregivers or seniors. I know some of these products and services better than others, and in some cases, I note it. Unless otherwise stated, these endorsements are not intended to be an endorsement.

Let’s go…

CareZip: Joe & Bella is a new, modern brand of adaptive clothing for seniors. Their new line is CareZips, patented easy pull-on pants for adults living with changes due to incontinence, mobility or cognition issues; www.JoeAndBella.com

ZipOn: These pants feature zippers on the legs from the waist to the hem so that they can be easily stood up or laid down without having to pull the pants over the legs. They can also be unzipped at the bottom to accommodate casts, braces and other medical equipment; https://befreeco.com/


Fresh Comfort bras are recommended by women with limited mobility, especially those who face daily challenges related to arthritis, stroke recovery, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis plaques, fibromyalgia and recent surgeries; https://www.freshcomfortinc.com/

The Dreamweaver Foundation recently announced the nationwide expansion of Connecting Hope, which grants technological wishes to terminally ill seniors through a unique partnership with GrandPad. Read the press release online; www.dreamweaver.org

Printed puzzles and hidden words:

QETS offers free large-print crosswords and crossword puzzles that you can print out. They also have sets of 20 or 80 puzzle PDFs available for purchase; http://www.qets.com

Word search: This site provides information on different ways to strengthen the brain, including activities and games. There is information about memory disorders and additional resources; https://wordfinder.yourdictionary.com/blog/brain-games-and-other-activities-for-memory-loss/

Jelly Drops: Jelly Drops are innovative, award-winning candies designed to support hydration for those who struggle to consume enough water. They are made with 95% water, contain added electrolytes and are sugar free. Inventor Lewis Hornby was inspired to create water candies after his grandmother Pat, who suffered from dementia, struggled to stay hydrated. Caregivers waited for them to be available in the US – and now they are; www.jellydrops.us

MedicAlert Foundation for Medical IDs: There is an 800 number that the emergency room can call and get an up-to-date medication list, emergency contact information, and any other information you have given them. This number is available 24/7 and is recommended by a geriatric caregiver friend; https://www.medicalert.org/

Lauren’s Hope Medical ID: Personalized medical IDs with the look of jewelry; https://www.laurenshope.com/

Medication storage and reminders

Automatic pill box locked: E-Pill has a 28 compartment tray, flip base for easy dispensing, stainless steel medicine cup and two keys; https://www.epill.com/epillstationc.html

Hero: A comprehensive medication management system that includes an award-winning smart dispenser, medication management app, refills with free delivery (optional), and 24/7 live support; https://herohealth.com/

Two remarks: A geriatric care manager tells me she has several clients who use Hero and they all love them. Also, for the sake of transparency, I write for the Hero Health blog.

The rehab store: If you are caring for someone at home with mobility issues and are looking for equipment, this site might be useful to you. https://www.rehab-store.com/browse-categories-by-name.html

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