‘American Girl’ Dolls Launch Family Podcast

american girl the dolls are launching their very first podcast, and it promises to be family friendly. Over the years we have seen technology and entertainment evolve. Trends have changed and podcasts have become one of the most popular forms of entertainment. Moms listen to their favorite podcast every week, and they do it while they’re home from work or while they’re cleaning the house. They are a chance to learn, grow and experience new things, but there haven’t been many available to you that are considered family friendly, but that might be about to change.

American Girl is one of the most popular lines of toys and dolls, and it’s a brand that parents trust. According scary mom, they’re getting ready to launch their first-ever “family-friendly” podcast network, and you’re going to want to check it out.

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According to the official websitethere will be three shows to check out on their website. American Girl 10-Minute Mysteries, American Girl Fanclub, and The Smart Girls Podcast.

For moms who love true crime, they may like settling into the mystery episodes. These podcasts are said to be “rooted” in the most popular stories of the american girl characters.

He seeks to give advice and connect with the girls and their parents. The podcast will also be completely ad-free, making it easy for young people to listen to it without getting distracted.

When the CEO of american girl, Jamie Cygielman, was asked about the inspiration of this network, his answer made sense. She said that they raised a whole generation of fans, and some of their fans are now parents themselves, and they wanted to relive their childhood.

These podcasts will be perfect for children and their parents. She also said that they plan to add more shows in the future.

When asked what age these podcasts would be specifically aimed at, they replied that it will be for younger listeners and that there will be tween/teen specific content so listeners can learn more about their own bodies and emotions.

This means that parents won’t have to filter content before their kids tune in (unless they want to) because they can be sure it will be friendly for all ages. The podcast is now streaming on all platforms, and you can even tune in to the new series on their YouTube channel.

Sources: scary mom, american girl

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