Android update brings iPhone-compatible Message reactions to Messages

Chatting with iPhone users has always been more difficult for Android users due to the fact that Google does not display emojis as is or as stickers in Google Messages. Instead, what users could see was plain, boring text explaining which emoji had been shared by iMessage users. To address this issue, Google began testing a new feature that showed emojis shared through iMessages as emojis on Google’s Messages app. Although the translations weren’t literal, for example, the “heart” emoji on iPhones became “face with heart eyes” emoji in Google Messages, they were better than seeing a textual representation of the emojis. Now, Google has started rolling out the feature to all of its Android users. Also read – Google’s latest updates on Google Assistant, Messages and Photos features

In its latest feature, Google announced that reactions from iPhone users will now appear as emojis on text messages. “Feel the ‘heart emoji’. Or the ‘LOL emoji’. Or any emoji your friends are feeling right now. Reactions from iPhone users will now appear as an emoji on text messages, just like when you message someone using an Android device,” Google wrote in a blog post. Also Read – Google to Bring New Feature to Help Save Space on Android Phones

In addition to this, the company said that users will soon be able to send photos and videos in the same resolution via Google Messages as when sharing as a link using Google Photos. Also Read – Twitter Introduces ‘Creator Dashboard’ to Help Creators Manage Payments on the Platform

Separately, Google also announced feature updates for Google apps on iPhone. The company announced that it has updated the Google Translate widget to put the app’s most popular features at your fingertips. The company also said that with the widget on users’ home screens, they will be able to brush up on their language skills.

The company is also rolling out a new XL widget to the Google Drive iPad app. The new XL widget for Google Drive will make it easier for you to access their important files on the home screen. It will also give users access to more shortcuts to help them access their priority files and shared drives. Google said the feature is designed specifically for iPad and will be rolling out to the Google Drive app on iPad next week. “And XL isn’t the only option. With different sizes of Drive widgets available, you can easily customize your iPad home screen by adding more or fewer Drive features depending on what is most useful to you,” Google added.

Finally, the company announced that later this month it will be rolling out an update to its Gmail and Chat apps later this year so that a sender’s profile picture will appear in users’ chat notifications. , which will make it easier for users to see. who sent them a message.

Google also said this update will also give users more control over chat and Gmail notifications flowing through Focus on your iPhone or iPad.

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