Arceus reveals how Pokémon went from fearsome to friendly

Before Legends: Arceus, Pokémon were generally viewed as wild and dangerous creatures, but that sentiment changes as the game progresses.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus taking place in the former region of Hisui gives it a perspective unique to the franchise, where the eponymous creatures aren’t part of everyday life like they are in the main games. Hisui’s fledgling communities, including Pokemon Legends: Arceus‘ Jubilife Village, live in a region dominated by Pokémon that are still mostly perceived as hostile and extremely dangerous. This begins to change over the course of the game largely due to player actions, and many begin to overcome their fears and see the value in co-existing with Pokémon.

It is understandable that the people of Pokemon the universe would be afraid of creatures. Some are capable of tremendous feats (exceptional examples even include the creation of time and space), and all have power virtually unknowable before their careful study for the advent of a Pokédex. Pokemon Legends: Arceus is uniquely positioned to explore how these feelings evolve, set in a time when Poké Balls are a new invention and finding Pokémon is a top priority for Hisui.


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As players begin their journey to discover all the Pokémon in Legends: Arceus‘ Pokédex, they also begin a journey to show the camaraderie possible between humans and Pokémon. The player’s ability to catch three Pokémon in quick succession during the game’s tutorial is seen as an incredible feat. Catching Pokemon isn’t a common skill yet, which means very few members of the Galaxy Expedition team have much experience with tame ones.

Pokémon just become companions in Legends: Arceus

"Annoying Bidoof" is a surprisingly difficult request, as Bidoofs can be hard to find

Being able to catch Pokemon is a major step in losing some of their threatening perception to creatures. The next big step is for people to start seeing them as helpful companions, which is a process. Legends: Arceus shows frequently. Even some of the game’s early side quests depict the citizens of Jubilife realizing that Pokemon can be more than wild animals. Three miserable Bidoofs cause a practical emergency when they walk past members of the Security Corps and hide in the village. Once they have been gathered and caught, the questgiver wants to send them back into the wild and are only stopped by a construction body hoping to put the Bidoofs to good use.

The Pokédex main quest gives Legends: Arceus players a real reason to catch all of Hisui’s species, but the game as a whole is very much about integrating Pokémon into human society. Some side quests are simply to complete Pokédex entries, which is a much more complicated task than in previous games. While this is just a way to reward players for going the extra mile, it does imply a general curiosity among Galaxy Expedition team members for Pokémon. The creatures are magical and fun to discover, and Pokemon Legends: Arceus leans into the wonderment that has captivated so many fans of the series as a central narrative device.

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