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Awesome app, Batman! Art Maker, created by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and based on the popular children’s show Play school, “The Second Oldest Kids’ TV Show in the World,” is one of my all-time favorite stories for kids ages 2-6, as well as kids with special needs of all ages.

Creator of art inspires kids to take their creativity to the next level by letting them create pictures, slideshows and videos with the touch of a finger. The artwork, a neat and accurate replica of the colorful and engaging spectacle, inspires hours of digital imaginative play.

This app is a one stop shop for creative discovery and Andrew and I had a lot of fun creating our own scenes using one of the many custom backgrounds and stickers provided in Art Maker. I also turned some of our work into short videos, including telling our stories using the audio recording feature.

The end result is something reminiscent of children’s entertainment from days gone by; a smooth, slow way to experience the many benefits of creative and imaginative play. It reminds me of the felt boards I used in my kindergarten class, except with Art Maker kids can take their designs to the next level using the slideshow and movie maker features.

Overall this app is well worth the $ 2.99 to download it on iTunes.

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