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This time of year, many Americans are looking for the perfect holiday gifts for the special people in their lives. If these lucky recipients have jumped on the cord-cutting bandwagon, they may be looking for ways to tune in to all of their favorite shows in the new year. The perfect gifts can help them improve their entertainment setup.

Sure, entertainment tech can get a little pricey, but there are plenty of products out there that can please cord cutters without breaking the bank. Top gifts for cord cutters include:

  • Smart speakers.
  • Digital antennas.
  • Streaming devices.
  • Gift cards for streaming subscriptions.

Read on to find budget-friendly gift ideas for cable cutters.

(Note: All prices are shown at current list prices. They are subject to change and buyers may be able to find better deals by comparing prices.)

smart speakers

For hands-free control of other smart devices and voice-activated music, search capabilities and other functions, smart speakers are a step towards the entertainment system of the future. Smart speakers can help cord cutters connect to their streaming and on-air content with just the sound of their voice using compatible systems. They can also play their own music playlists, shop online, check the weather and more.

There are full-featured, expensive smart speakers out there, but there are plenty of solid options to choose from in a more affordable price range. In fact, two of the best are available at low prices:

  • Echo Dot (third generation model): Amazon’s cheap smart speaker uses the Alexa smart assistant to access a variety of features. Price: $50
  • Google Home Mini: This little speaker is powered by the intelligence of the handy Google Assistant. Price: $50

Digital antennas

The best alternative to paying too much for TV is to pay nothing at all, and digital antennas open the door to plenty of free live content. With location-based offers, digital antennas can help your gift recipient get free access to local and national channels and save them from continuing to pay for subscriptions after the initial purchase.

There are many antennas on the market today, but here are a few inexpensive holiday-time options:

  • Sheet Mohu 30: With a sleek, flat design, this indoor antenna has a range of up to 30 miles. Price: $40
  • Insignia Indoor HDTV Antenna: This antenna uses an old fashioned rabbit ear design to help tune public channels. Price: $18

Streaming Devices

The key to turning any TV into a smart TV is a streaming device. There are many types of streamers, but most work as a way to connect a TV to the internet, streaming services, and other apps and features. If your favorite cord cutters have no way of getting their content straight to their TV, a streaming device could be a great gift option. Even better, some of the best on the market don’t have high prices.

Here are some popular affordable options:

  • Roku+ Streaming Stick: This plug-and-play device brings Roku’s user-friendly interface, convenient remote control, and broad service support to any TV. Price: $50
  • Amazon Fire TV 4K Stick: Packing a lot of streaming power into a small package, this little streamer supports 4K viewing. Price: $50

Gift cards for streaming subscriptions

If you’re looking to broaden the viewing horizons of the cord-cutters in your life, giving them access to a streaming subscription can give them a whole range of new content. Unfortunately, most streaming services don’t have an official method for giving subscription gifts, but an easy workaround is to give a general-purpose gift card with your chosen subscription term prepaid. Be sure to let your recipients know which streaming service you recommend when they embark on their new viewing adventure.

Find the best offer

During the holidays, many products have deep discounts to appeal to the shopping masses. It’s always a good idea to shop around on sites like Amazon and store websites to ensure you’re getting the best prices available. Even if a list price seems out of your price range, you may be able to find the same products at even more affordable prices by looking at multiple sources.

Whatever your price range this holiday season, you can find an affordable gift for the cord cutter in your life. Whether you choose a small system upgrade or a big new platform, if you take advantage of the seasonal sales, you can keep your gift recipients and your wallet happy.

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