Best Earth Day deals: Save on eco-friendly favorites from Stasher, S’well, and more

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Save up to 30% on eco-friendly products: Since April 22, several retailers have been offering discounts on eco-friendly products in honor of Earth Day. Here are some good ones at a glance:

Earth Day is not a phase in April. It’s a lifestyle. But on Earth Day is the day to save money on products to live more sustainably all year round – or this pouch of dog treats made from recycled bottles(opens in a new tab) that you watched.

The day saturated with all things you can buy to minimize your personal impact, let’s be sure to point out that individual “carbon footprints” have nothing on how big corporations fuel climate change.

But Earth Day is also the perfect day to remember that these two things are not mutually exclusive. You can recognize that a few companies are responsible for a huge chunk of carbon emissions while recognizing that a swarm of individuals who compost or break their bottled water habit (dare we mention metal straws?) keep still thousands of pounds of trash out of landfills or the ocean.


The best eco-friendly gifts at every price point

If you want to do more than spend money this Earth Day, here’s something impactful and free: Urge your elected officials to support the Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act. The bill has several elements related to single-use plastic and recycling, but generally proposes shifting the weight from ordinary people to the companies that produce the plastic in the first place (or deal with it after recycling it). It’s a long plan overall, but still brings plastic waste issues to the federal level with clack effect. Email or call your representatives, sign a petition, or research the positions of candidates running for midterms.

End your addiction to sandwich bags? Of course not – just switch from single-use to reusable Ziplocs. Stasher’s dishwasher-safe silicone bags come in multiple sizes and colors and are perfect for lunch boxes, storing leftovers, and as a home for rogue Legos.

Become *this* pet parent at the dog park with a carry bag or treat pouch from Wild One, each made from recycled water bottles.

Hello to the very first sale of Bite ONLY. To unlock this rare discount, Bite is asking customers to contact their representatives via a pre-populated message on the Bite website in support of the Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act.

Beyond its impressive Bits chewable toothpaste, Bite also offers bathroom swaps like zero-waste whitening kits and a refillable body moisturizer that ditches the plastic pump and adds ingredients like hyaluronic acid.

An estimated 40% of the plastic produced is made up solely of packaging, much of which is torn and discarded within seconds. Take packaging out of the equation with shampoo and conditioner bars, zero-waste kitchen swaps, and more.

Save 15% on a wide selection of eco-friendly products such as reusable water bottles, recycled paper towels, natural cleaning products, and more.

Many of the ingredients in common cleaning products contribute to pollution, as does the plastic they’re bottled in. Instead, Household Cleaners, Laundry Pods, Dishwasher Detergent from Dropps use natural ingredients and come in low-waste packaging.

Besides being soft as hell, Reel toilet paper is made from bamboo, which can grow three feet a day and requires far less water than regular trees.

The GOAT of sustainable athleisure arrived with a sale on his Earth tone: “A rich brown inspired by our favorite planet, made from trash that would otherwise pollute it.” Shop leggings, bras, compression shorts, tennis dresses and skorts, and more.

Water bottles are part of the cut when they’re as cute as S’well’s. Shop endless classic patterns, textures or solids in a stainless steel construction that will keep drinks cold and ice cold all day.

Pela’s signature compostable phone cases fight phone case waste. The protective material and the myriad of hip patterns make it a great gift.

Another sustainable toilet paper offering, this time with a bunch of designs to choose from.

You know what uses even less water than producing toilet paper? Bidets. Shop Bio Bidet’s bestsellers, from complete heated seat replacements to easy accessories in five minutes.

The Vitamix Countertop Composter collects your food scraps and turns them into fertilizer. You will chew on America’s food waste problem, which has a bigger carbon footprint than the entire airline industry.

Connecting a Nest Thermostat to your home’s heating and cooling system helps maintain the most energy-efficient temperature in every room, especially when you’re away from home. Grab the classic Nest for $99 or the Learning Nest for $218.98.

The amount of single-use plastic packaging used by product suppliers is mind boggling. Hanging LED lights give your favorite herbs and what they need to thrive in the nursery that’s small enough to hang out on the kitchen counter.

EyeBuyDirect’s sitewide promotion includes glasses from its 5 To See frame collection made from recycled plastic bottles. Styles include wayfarer and cat eye in regular glasses and sunglasses.

Vodka soda lovers can avoid bottles or cans by making their own sparkling water at home. The SodaStream Terra includes everything you’ll need for the countertop carbonation machine, plus two flavors of Bubly drops.

Technically, it’s a Mother’s Day sale, but a sale from this carbon-neutral jewelry brand isn’t one to pass up. Shop enduring classic pieces like gold layered necklaces and everyday hoops in 14k gold and sterling silver.

Need to restock on workout supplements? Try Gnarly Nutrition’s protein powder or pre-workout, which comes in a durable metal canister rather than a plastic jar.

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