Best eco-friendly deals: Target takes 15% off reusable water bottles, Schwinn bikes, more for Earth Week

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Save 15%: Between April 18 and Earth Day on April 22, Target is offering 15% off a host of products from eco-friendly brands. Here are some good ones at a glance:

Earth Day has essentially turned into a week-long celebration of the planet and a week-long learning moment about how to better treat it.

Target’s Earth Week sale is a great place to start: save 15% on a huge selection of eco-friendly products like reusable water bottles, recycled paper towels, natural cleaning supplies, and more. routine anyway, but better for the Earth.


The best eco-friendly gifts at every price point

Offers are available through Target Circle, which is Target’s free loyalty program that guarantees discounts (plus 1% spendable rewards) throughout the year. Several times a week, target buyers already know this.

The unconscious habit of grabbing a Ziploc bag every time leftovers need to be stored is piling up in landfills, creating a pile that will take at least 200 years to decompose. Stasher bags are the silicone version of the all-purpose sandwich bag. They are available in multiple sizes and colors for your storage, lunch packing or vacuum packing needs, and are dishwasher safe.

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We don’t blame you for not wanting to drink tap water. But rather than being someone who drinks ~exclusively~ Fiji, investing in a pitcher, dispenser, or filtered water bottle can help you avoid regularly throwing away single-use plastic bottles. (“But I recycle them” isn’t an approved excuse, BTW.) Stock up on filters while you’re at it.

Reusable water bottles and straws from Klean Kanteen and Ello are also 15% off.

Brita Filtered Water Pitcher

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Make your to-do list a little greener with sustainable bathroom and cleaning products from Everspring. Get 100% recycled paper towels (which are not a weird, rough texture) to natural all-purpose cleaners that come in refillable glass bottles — and are safer for your pets than Lysol.

Multipack of recycled paper napkins

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If you’ve been considering cycling rather than driving (or Ubering) to a few of your weekly destinations, now’s a good time to score a good set of wheels. Mountain bikes, hybrids, beach cruisers, and kids’ bikes are all 15% off, so you’re ready for green transportation — or just a weekend full of enjoying the great outdoors.

blue bike

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We love a clean beauty brand that isn’t a fine print affiliate of the world’s biggest plastic polluters. Jada Pinkett Smith’s affordable line of personal care products feature plant-based ingredients and 99% plastic-free packaging.

Strong side toothpaste tube

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Blue, orange and pink silicone bags with food inside

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