Best Green Gifts: What to Buy for Sustainability-Minded People According to Lauren Singer



For anyone concerned with sustainability, gifting season can be a bit of a nightmare, but that doesn’t mean it wants to be left out. There are many ways to show your appreciation for someone while being mindful of the environment. Zero waste advocate and founder of Package Free Shop, Lauren Singer, has been doing it for years. So we asked her for some tips on how to choose the perfect gift for anyone who takes great care to be as eco-conscious as possible.

It might sound cheesy, but what matters most is that you think about it and strive to impress them with some special detail, whether it’s material or just a gesture. To get it right, however, Singer recommends asking people what they need. “I’m not trying to change people, but I work with them to make it easy to do something good for you in a way that aligns with my values,” she says. “I’m going to tell people exactly what I want. Like, ‘Oh, I really need socks right now’ or ‘I really wanted to go to this restaurant, is there a way I could offer a gift voucher? “

To make sure your gift can positively impact both the recipient and the planet, take notes on Singer’s recommendations below.

To show creativity

“DIY is one of my favorite gifts,” Singer says. Taking the time to create something for a friend really shows how much you appreciate them. Singer recommends taking a look at the recipes she posts on her blog Trash is For Tossers or giving them a handy giveaway like The Simply Co. laundry detergent from Package Free Shop. “I’m a big fan of practical gifts because they are more likely to be used. Something like making a handmade candle or making dog treats if the person you’re gifting has a pet.

Choice of ecological products

If you choose to buy something, make sure the brand matches the person’s values. Singer points out that when it comes to clothing, making sure it’s made with natural fibers is a good place to start. However, her favorite thing to do is get some second hand gifts. “I think it’s even more thoughtful because it shows that you’ve taken the time to go somewhere and find something special for them,” she says. “If you are looking to give someone as a tech gift, Back Market’s repackaged technology is a good option.”

“If there are people who are starting their journey to sustainability, we sell zero waste boxes at Package Free. We always suggest these as a great gift as well, or a corporate gift card like Package Free.

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