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BevQ offers a user-friendly interface, although its effectiveness largely depends on how it handles potentially high download traffic.

The customer must first enter his name, mobile phone number and PIN code on the login screen before accepting the general conditions and selecting the language of his choice. The customer will then get a six-digit verification code, which will direct them to the point of sale reservation page.

The point of sale should be chosen according to whether the user is looking for alcohol, beer or wine, followed by a token reservation by SMS. Two different formats are to be followed for the alcohol reservation () and beer or wine ().

Time slot

The user will then receive a confirmation message. Once the user clicks on the “Reserve your time slot” button, they will get a confirmation page with a queue number, details of the point of sale and the date and time reserved. User can scan provided QR code for point of sale details. If the specified time slot is not available, the user will receive a “Token not available” message.

Until 10 p.m.

Slot reservations can be made between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m.

“Early risers are likely to benefit, as trying to book the time slot as early as possible can be the safest bet for smooth sailing,” said Bhuvanesh, a youngster who was disappointed to miss. the opportunity to download the app during the test run and is now eagerly awaiting its launch.

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