Black Gaming Couple Creates Family App With Melanin-Rich Characters



Brown dolls in apps do exist.

Colorado couple Clara and Dejon Turner threw their hats in the ring for develop The Doll House Family ™ app which features melanin-rich characters who display an Afro-centric flair, according to

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The couple wanted to present positive images of “Blacks and Browns” in a game for family fun, so they took steps to make their idea come true in a fantasy world. Players can choose from the characters they want to navigate a fantasy land of driving, melodies or relaxing to soak up the good life by the pool.

“Welcome to the Maison de Poupée, where your wildest dreams are to come true. where the dolls are brown like you, ”according to information provided on the app’s website.

Dreams come true for creatives who rarely saw themselves in dolls or games growing up. Apps created by black developers are also offered to adults. There is a growing interest in relevant apps that may be of interest to people of color of all ages. Networking, reading, productivity and emojis are listed on one single resource for point users in the sense of supporting applications like these, depending on iPlus.

Another app called Color Noir: Art Coloring Games offers images for users who want to “rediscover the soothing bliss of coloring through the world’s best coloring book mobile app,” according to the developer’s page. Characters rich in melanin pop with beautiful colors, reminding the world that people also come in cocoa tones in real life. Many users who have left reviews on the app have praised it.

But if you’re carrying toddlers in a car or out shopping while looking for some family fun, add The Doll House Family app to your review list. Click here to find it.

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