Brian Armstrong: Apple doesn’t allow features that make phones crypto-enabled

Apple’s App Store policies, according to Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong, have hampered the company’s product plan. He blamed Apple for banning their app’s features and being generally hostile to the crypto industry.

Brian Armstrong hits Apple

In a recent episode of the Superstream Podcast, Coinbase CEO and co-founder Brian Armstrong berated Apple for “potential antitrust issues.”

Armstrong came to the Superstream podcast on April 20 to discuss the current state of cryptocurrency, entrepreneurship, and Coinbase, the company he co-founded.

Before criticizing Apple, he hinted that crypto investors might one day use “crypto-enabled” devices with special hardware features built in.

He claimed that “so far Apple hasn’t really played with crypto,” saying the company had turned down a number of features it wanted in the app, but Apple wouldn’t allow it. .

“So far Apple hasn’t really played well with crypto, they’ve actually banned a bunch of features that we’d like to have in the app, but they just won’t allow it – so there are potential antitrust issues there,” he said.

When asked if Coinbase would ever release its own hardware wallet, Armstrong revealed the information. He claimed that the company already had a co-branded hardware wallet with Ledger, but both major mobile operating systems needed to expand their product ecosystem to include crypto.

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Crypto-enabled phones are good for crypto

When asked if Coinbase would create its own cryptocurrency hardware wallet, Armstrong said he didn’t think most users would have a separate bitcoin-only wallet.

He says most people would prefer to use something built into their phone. He believes, however, that big tech — notably Apple — doesn’t enable the functionality that would be needed to make a user-friendly, phone-based wallet possible.

While Armstrong doesn’t specify which features have been banned, he does warn that crypto-enabled phones will be needed in the future and may become popular.

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This isn’t the first time Armstrong has expressed his dissatisfaction with Apple. In 2020, he noted that Apple’s App Store policies prevented the creation of bitcoins.

Although Coinbase may not have all the features you want, Coinbase users have access to a number of Apple-specific features.

The crypto-based Coinbase card was approved for use in Apple Wallet in June 2021. Users can use the card to spend cryptocurrency in cash anywhere in the world.

Coinbase also accepts Apple Pay for cryptocurrency purchases.

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