Bucks fans find a friendly bar in Chicago for Game 4

Nick Lawrence and his family visited Chicago from Milwaukee for a weekend.

Then he and his son quickly split from the group to watch Bucks-Bulls Game 4 at a local bar.

“So I was like, where can we watch this game and cheer for the Bucks without getting beat up. So here we are,” Lawrence said.

Nick and his 12-year-old son Ben, a bona fide Bucks superfan — he’s got the signed swag to prove it — found Will’s Northwoods Inn.

The Wisconsin sports bar on Racine Avenue had about two dozen other Bucks fans to keep them company Sunday afternoon for Game 1 of the playoffs.

The Wisconsin theme is heavy. Memorabilia of Packer and Badger fill the walls. There is an entire chandelier made of deer antlers. A portrait shows a boy kissing a doe.

Ben struggled to stay on his stool throughout the game, defying fouls and encouraging three-pointers. Nick said Ben was erecting a “shrine” to Giannis at his mother’s house.

“We’re building like a mini Fiserv forum. It will have a mini hoop and full size Bobby and Giannis posters,” Ben said. “It’s going to be crazy, and we’re going to watch Bucks games there.”

He’ll probably have a lot more chances this playoff. The Bucks are just one win away from advancing to the Eastern Conference Semifinals.

The Bucks looked solid in Sunday’s win, but the Bulls cut their deficit to just three points early in the third quarter.

“I was nervous because we weren’t landing any shots,” Ben said. “But then we got out of it, started hitting them, and that’s probably what saved our game.”

Another Bucks fan at the bar, Adam, remained unsteady until the Bucks took a 20-point lead with about 2.5 minutes left.

“That’s just kind of how I roll,” he said. “I just want to make sure we’re really, really good before we can start celebrating.”

The series returns to Milwaukee on Wednesday for Game 5.

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