Chamber becomes Cumbria’s first endometriosis-friendly employer

Elaine Remy, Vie’s youngest daughter and founder of Vie’s Jamaican Rum Cakes. Photo: Louise-Thompson

Cumbria Chamber has signed up to become the first endometriosis friendly employer in the county and encourages other companies to sign up too.

Endometriosis is a disease that affects one in 10 women and women assigned at birth and can often cause extremely debilitating symptoms that can leave them bedridden for days.

Along with this significant impact on patients themselves, endometriosis costs employers £8.2 billion each year in treatment, lost work and healthcare costs. The scheme is not only a lifesaver for employees who are worried about the limited compensation due to absence and the impact on their careers, but it will also save companies that join the scheme in the long term.

By joining the Endometriosis Friendly Employer scheme through Endometriosis UK, Cumbria Chamber is committed to developing a working environment and culture that enables employees with endometriosis to be able to work comfortably for longer.

The program provides guidance to employers on how to support employees with the disease, with support in leadership and management, anti-stigma, culture change and communication with employees with the disease .

The Chamber has also appointed its own Endometriosis Champion, Elaine Remy, who is a longtime friend and member of the Chamber and the leader of the Voluntary Endometriosis UK Cumbria support group.

As a champion, Elaine is there for Chamber staff to turn to for support and information about the disease and will also support the Chamber by encouraging other businesses to sign up. Elaine has been campaigning for support for the sick for some time.

Elaine, who has severe endometriosis, said: “I am delighted that Cumbria Chamber has become the county’s first endometriosis-friendly employer. They have shown great empathy for the many employees in Cumbria who have the disease and are leading by example.

“I hope many other businesses in the region will follow this example and commit to supporting staff with the disease by developing an environment that allows them to be heard and helped so they can thrive at work. .”

Suzanne Caldwell, chief executive of the Cumbria Chamber of Commerce, said: “I consider myself very lucky not to have suffered from something which affects thousands of women and can be a hugely debilitating condition.

“Given our role as a chamber, we view becoming an endometriosis-friendly employer to be fundamentally about supporting and encouraging other employers in the county. Beyond the women themselves, it will also benefit their employers by helping them get more of their workforce to contribute effectively more often, and even encouraging more people to consider them. as an employer they could and would like to work for.

Elaine regularly runs a support group for people with dementia, details can be found on our website, along with information and resources for employers here:

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