Chromecast adds support for multiple family games



When the Chromecast was first announced, we couldn’t help but be excited about the idea of ​​a media streamer that is tightly integrated with our mobile devices while still managing to be extremely affordable. Since then, the platform has evolved considerably, adding a number of video and entertainment services (both officially and unofficially thanks to the SDK), and more recently adding screen mirroring capabilities.

As the holidays approach, Google is now adding several new Chromecast-enabled apps to its ever-growing library. In addition to bringing streaming functionality for the Showtime Anytime and Starz apps, Google is also introducing a number of new family games. While the game has been around on the Chromecast for a while (in limited capacity), this is the first time that Google has officially introduced the Chromecast as a gaming device.

In a Google blog post mentions classics like Wheel of Fortune, Monopoly Dash, Connect Four Quads, Simon Swipe and Scrabble Blitz. There are also quiz-type games like Big Web Quiz and Emoji Party. For those who love to dance (kids, children at heart, etc.), Just Dance also benefits from Chromecast support. As for the control of these games? As always, you can just use a phone or tablet. It’s also worth mentioning that these are multiplayer experiences and multiple phones and tablets (Android and / or iOS) can join in the fun.

For more details on the games, be sure to check Google official blog post or go to The list of Chromecast apps. Have you ever tried any of these games, if so what do you think about the experience? Does the Chromecast have potential as a family gaming device?

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