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David Carney and Stéphanie Luce Photo: JON GUEGAN. (27331812)

The EnviroHero app was created during an “Envirohack” coding competition at the Digital Jersey hub. It was inspired by the “gamification” of daily activities by apps such as Pokémon Go and Durrell’s “Go Wild” Gorilla app, who created an online trail and rewards for hunting down monkey sculptures around the world. ‘Isle.

The creators of EnviroHero hope to launch the app once sufficient funding is secured. It awards points to users when they scan QR codes at participating locations using their phone’s camera after performing environmentally friendly tasks based on the concept of ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’. “.

Examples include taking the bus, participating in a beach clean-up, and recycling items. Scans could be done in places such as recycling centers, on buses or in coastal cafes after the beach is cleaned up.

Mapping technology shows a user the location of potential nearby activities, and participants are made aware of the facts and details about their location once they complete a task.

David Carney and Stephanie Luce, who were part of the “Team Reunion” app creators, said they are also looking for sponsors to fund the app launch, offer rewards and promote use of the app.

The app contains a summary screen which details all the rewards obtained by the user and there is also an option to compete against friends or in teams.

Digital Jersey, KPMG, the Jersey government, Liberty Bus, Acorn, Durrell, Beresford Street Kitchen and environmental group Zero Waste have already provided support.

Mr Carney said Jersey would be a “great test bed” for the app, which could potentially be rolled out nationwide.

“We started to think about what really makes people go out and do things, and it’s the silly little things like games, which are actually very powerful,” he said.

“The idea was to keep it as simple as possible and the app is pretty much built now. We are only looking for companies and organizations to be of interest. There hasn’t been anything else like this launched before.

Ms Luce said the experience indicated that the play and competition aspect of the app was likely more of an incentive for activities than the rewards system, so a charitable rewards feature could be incorporated as well.

“We’ve had feedback from Durrell that a lot of people who got rewards from their Gorilla app ultimately didn’t accept them, so it looks like people are more interested in the game,” she said.

“So what we could do is also offer the possibility for people to donate money from corporate sponsors to charities.”

Anyone interested in the EnviroHero app can email the team by writing to [email protected]

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