DiDi to Go Pet-Friendly with a new premium service

Taking a taxi or a Didi in the capital is an experience in itself. Indeed, some of our most memorable stories happened in a local taxi. Hilarious anecdotes, hectic rides, high-level conversations about world events – Beijing taxi drivers will do all this and more for you.

Now, throw your pet into the public transit equation, and the focus of this conference shifts to pure logistics. Will you be assigned Shifu realize Snowy is a ball of pure sunshine, or will he greet your hairy soulmate with a sour face? Do they really have the right to cancel you if they really don’t want animals on board?

Someone at DiDi HQ must have thought long and hard about users with pets, as they offer a so-called “DiDi Pet Premier Service” in Beijing. Lo and behold, this feature is not yet available. According to their advertising materials, a pricing announcement will be released approximately 30 days before launch, with more detailed in-app notifications on the specific date.

No word on how this will work for those of us who unfortunately can no longer download the app and rely on the more limited version of WeChat, but anyway, here’s what we know so far. present on the basis of the pre-launch documents:

1. DiDi Pet Premier is advertised as a service to “allow you to bring your pet to your rides”.
2. The DiDi Pet Premier service fee will cover “additional driver services and products” such as a special cleaning service.
3. A first fare breakdown shows the following basic formula: Pet Premier service fee (with the total amount, RMB 7.6 per trip, for the driver) + basic Premier fare + special insurance and operational expenses (of an estimated amount of 2.3 RMB per drive).

So while drivers will also adhere to a range of safety and hygiene requirements, they would also be reassured that drivers will accept pets and therefore pickup will be guaranteed.

All is well, but what have these riders been through in the years leading up to the upcoming launch of this new service? Well, we posed this burning question to our own pet-related group, Peking Pups & Other Pets. Here are some of the responses we got:

As you can see, it’s a mix of experiences – very much in the spirit of taxis in Beijing. Overall, it looks like this service could prove useful, especially for those with puppies and larger pets. Time will tell, but if you ask customer service, they still won’t want to spill the kibble at the exact time.

Until then… show up at your pick-up point with a smile and a bit of faith, remind your furry friend to stay on his best behavior throughout the ride, and unless you have another option, follow the advice from other pet owners above. for alternatives. May your journey be smooth! Woof Woof!

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Images: Pixabay, Pekingese and other pets, DiDi

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