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The Lake Owasco Watershed Management Board believes that through collective efforts, watershed residents will commit to Lake Friendly Living and help ensure that future generations will inherit a healthy lake. The OLWMC hosts a pledge opportunity that aligns with Lake Friendly Living pledging programming throughout the Finger Lakes region. The Engagement Program is an education, recognition and evaluation initiative that is free, voluntary and non-regulatory, and serves as a reminder that every resident of our Lake Owasco community watershed can make a positive difference in the water quality of our lake. Watershed residents can help make Lake Friendly Living an accepted motto throughout the watershed community by proudly displaying their Lake Friendly Living lawn sign, earning a pledge, setting an example and encouraging neighbors to do so. likewise. The OLWMC and Owasco Watershed Lake Association are improving program visibility by installing Lake Friendly Living sign medallions on existing tributary sign posts throughout the watershed.

To bring the Lake Friendly Living concept to your property, the OLWMC is asking watershed residents to visit the OLWMC website (olwmc.org) and commit to recommended land stewardship practices and some water. Several new program promises have been made by the Lake Owasco watershed community in recent weeks. Whether you live along or far from the lake, whether you maintain a home or commercial property with a yard, gravel road or driveway, septic tank or farm, the Lake Friendly Commitment Living gives residents of the watershed community the opportunity to take action, make a difference and be recognized for their active role in the solution to mitigating waterway pollutants. Specifically, this growing regional Finger Lakes initiative encourages the voluntary adoption of conservation and management practices recommended by residents to reduce nonpoint sources of lake pollution.

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The OLWMC is a founding member of the Lake Friendly Living Coalition. In 2022, the OLWMC led the coordination of commemorative resolutions within the New York State Assembly and Senate to promote a combined state legislative resolution to celebrate awareness of Lake Friendly Living in the Finger Lakes region. Approval resolutions were passed in both houses in March.

This year, the coalition facilitated the onboarding of Conesus and Keuka Lake watershed organizations as new members to help drive the joint regional messaging and engagement campaign forward. The regional team is planning and preparing to host its May 2022 “Lake Friendly Living for Watershed Resiliency” webinars and live event series which will focus on the intersection of water quality protection water and climate-smart programming. The overarching goal of this year’s educational series is to educate and inspire Finger Lakes watershed residents, local governments and businesses to adopt lake-friendly practices to help protect and preserve the Finger Lakes. Lakes for sustainable water quality, recreational use and tourism. OLWMC staff have helped prepare an introductory presentation for the May Lake Friendly Living Series that will be available for review as part of the educational series registration process. Staff also coordinated upcoming presentations among local leaders on the state’s Climate Smart Communities program for municipalities and the implementation of the new Emerson Park Rain Garden. Information and registration details to attend the “Lake Friendly Living for Watershed Resiliency” educational series will be available in April and posted on the coalition’s website at flrwa.org/lake-friendly-living.

Adam Effler, Ph.D., is executive director of the Lake Owasco Watershed Management Board. For more information, visit olwmc.org.

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