Elden Ring’s Potty Buddies Aren’t All So Friendly

Elden Ring’s beloved Pot Friends aren’t all as friendly as they seem.

Besides Solaire of Astora, it’s not often that FromSoftware games have a mascot behind them. Yet, that’s exactly the case with Elden Ring and the Pot Friends. These sentient pots have been paraded alongside the game at events such as The Game Awards, and have generally been assumed to be the Terni’s best friend.

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This is not the case for everyone, however. As reported by IGN, Pot Friends aren’t as simplistic as you might think, and some of them might even be considered enemies. Let’s start with the good news – some Pot Boys are friendly. Alexander, the big pot who was seen at The Game Awards and can be found stuck in the ground in the game, is a friend of the player and will even direct you to an important location.



That’s where the good news ends, unfortunately. Elden Ring dungeons would have large and small pots that will attack the player on sight. These jars are officially known as Living Jars and the player’s only option upon seeing them is to either run away or smash them to pieces. Guess what most will do.

IGN reports that these big pots are not only unpleasant and disappointing, but the big pots can actually be quite dangerous and difficult to defeat. In a game as deliberately solitary as Elden Ring, it probably shouldn’t be so surprising to see seemingly friendly enemies attacking the player and preventing them from trusting too much, but given the hype and love for Alexander , it’s a bit surprising to see enemy variants.

FromSoft fans are probably not surprised to hear this, as even Solaire of Astora can turn violent depending on player actions. With this shocking turn of events, we’re likely to be expecting a Pot Friend amiibo anytime soon. At least we’ll still have Alexander.

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