Enjoy a stroll through one of Oxfordshire’s dog-friendly pubs

Now that the sun is rising, it’s a good time to take a stroll to one of your favorite pubs where you’re allowed to bring your dog with you.

There are many pubs in Oxford and throughout Oxfordshire where dog owners are allowed to bring their pets – and in some pubs this is even encouraged.

Unsurprisingly, The Dog House Hotel in Faringdon Road is dog-friendly, but there are plenty of other great pubs and cafes within walking distance that also welcome your dogs.

The Bitten Oxford website has compiled a list of pubs that are very dog ​​friendly.

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It said: ‘We have seen more and more four-legged friends around Oxford recently.

“So we thought it was fair to put together a list of the best dog-friendly pubs and restaurants across the city.”

Top of its list is The Fishes in the village of North Hinksey, and reviewers add: “The Fishes is a great pub with ample green space for your fluffy friend to enjoy. Dogs are welcome outside or even snuggled up next to you in the bar area.

Next is the Vaults Garden and Cafe in Radcliffe Square, off the High Street.

The review says: “A cafe with a view and a half! If you sit outside you will look directly at the magnificent Radcliffe camera. Not only do they accommodate your dog, but they also serve amazing cakes and a wide variety of hot and cold dishes throughout the day.

Oxford Mail:

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The Perch in Binsey, which has a large garden and plenty of space for dogs, is also mentioned on the list.

The reviewer from Bitten Oxford says: “Every time I have set foot in the Perch there have been puppies galore. The huge garden is the perfect setting for your four-legged friend and they will even provide a water bowl.

“The pub garden backs onto Port Meadow so it really is the perfect place for a pint or a bite after walking the dog. It goes without saying that food for humans is also very tasty.

Oxford Mail:

The Rickety Press in Jericho is also on the list.

Part of the Dodo Pubs group, the pub even offers cookies for your four-legged friend.

You can also focus your walk with your dog around The White Hart, a Wytham village pub adored by foodies.

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An award-winning 17th-century restaurant and pub, it has become even more dog-friendly in recent years, as it now has an extended covered outdoor area with fresh food pods – more space for more dogs.

The Bear & Ragged Staff in Cumnor is also a good starting point for a village walk with your dog.

Or you can try the Chester Arms in Oxford, which will also accommodate your dogs.

The Jericho Tavern in Walton Street is another good option for dog owners as it has plenty of outdoor space.

There is sometimes live music, so be warned if your dog doesn’t like loud noises.

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