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Ten years ago Cards Against Humanity launched a Launch campaign and managed to generate an estimated revenue of $ 12 million (the estimate was made in 2013) from its $ 25 (SGD 33) card game. With new indie game makers hoping to be the next big thing, old games reinventing themselves, and the global situation bordering on home, card and board games are sure to stay here.

We have selected a few proven card and board games that will make your warm meetings even more fun! Best of all, they aren’t going to put a big dent in your wallet!

Card and board games allow you to have a good time with your family!

Avalon, 692.01

For anyone familiar with werewolves, this is a more medieval version, where the luck of the draw determines whether you are the villain or the hero of this story. Work with other villains or heroes to distract or mislead players by making choices that will fail or succeed in missions. This game involves a lot of careful deduction and discussion, and only the more cunning will prevail.

Catan 5th edition game, ₱ 2,999

First published in 1995, Catan (formerly known as The Settlers of Catan or simply The Settlers) is the winner of the “Game of the Century” award. As settlers, the object of the game is to occupy as much of the island as possible through trade and construction while avoiding the thief. Tactically place your settlements and routes, compete or negotiate with your friends over resources and race to earn 10 points to come out on top!

Explosive Kittens Card Game, 117.81

The most supported project in Kickstarter history, Exploding Kittens is played by drawing cards from a deck face down until someone draws an Exploding Kitten. When this happens, that person “blows up” and is now out of the game. This process continues until only one player is left who wins the game. Sounds easy, until you include all the other cards you can play to spread the bombkitten and increase the chances of someone else getting the card.

Classic monopoly game, ??3200

The good old Monopoly Classic hardly needs to be introduced. Buy, sell and collect rents to get to the top of the food chain and possibly destroy your relationships with your family along the way! Just kidding, but it’s still a slow paced but fun game for a lazy Sunday afternoon with friends and family.

Monopoly agreement, ??72

If you’re looking for something that goes faster than Classic Monopoly, the Monopoly Tuning is the way to go. Requiring only 15 minutes to play, all you have to do is collect three sets of properties to win the game. Do some devious business and charge exorbitant rent to start your game!

Sushi party! Card game, 799

Are you a fan of Japanese cuisine? In this game, earn points by choosing winning sushi combos from a menu of over 20 delicious dishes. Strategic collection of sushi dishes will earn you more points. Up to 8 players can participate in the sushi feast. Let the good times roll!

Unstable unicorns, 415

The goal of Unstable Unicorns is simple: to be the first player to collect seven unicorns. The only problem is that each player has the exact same goal. The good part is that the cards are unpredictable, creative, and hugely entertaining. Will you be destroyed or will you emerge victorious?

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