Family games for the holidays


It’s far too tempting to spend the next few days obsessed with holiday toys and glued to new tech gifts. But before the family disperses, get everyone together for fun games! TODAY Style Editor and Professional Girlfriend All Around Bobbie thomas shares how to make the most of your vacation.


If you’re looking for a tabletop activity that offers a little more excitement than a traditional puzzle, board game, or word game, check out Bounce Off, which comes complete with a grid and colorful ping-pong balls. The object is to bounce the balls around the grid to create simple patterns. A fun mix of sport and strategy for all ages ($ 16,

Mustache shine

I tested this game at a recent holiday party and have to say that in the end everyone was laughing hysterically. Each player holds a fake mustache up to their face as the coordinating cards are turned over. Watch for the card that matches your “stache”, then grab the card as soon as you see it. The player with the most cards at the end wins. Simple but silly, and great for the whole family ($ 9.99,

Ink’d: The Tattoo Guessing Game

If you think you’ve seen all the board games, think again. In “Ink’d: The Tattoo Guessing Game”, you draw a drawing card (mermaid, jack-in-the-box, etc.) and a body part card indicating where you should draw the object on a friend. (around button belly, arms, chest, etc.) while people guess what you are drawing. The fun tattoos at the end of the night make for great Instagram photos and lots of laughs – and of course the markers are skin safe and tested to cosmetic and toy industry standards. and games. For ages 18 and over ($ 14.99


A favorite in the home of Kathie Lee Gifford, Bananagrams challenges players to race against each other to build words from tiles. No pencil, paper or board is required, making it ideal to take on a trip. It’s also a fun way to keep your mind (and your kids’) in shape during the long break. For ages 7 and up ($ 12.99

Pie face

Every year it seems like a trendy toy is flying off the shelves; this year it’s “Pie Face”, where players take turns spinning a risky little wheel. If you’re lucky, you’ll come out with a clean face. If you’re unlucky, a tiny hand will throw whipped cream in your face (gently, of course)! The game has become so popular that counterfeits have been spotted on the market this season, but I was able to confirm that Toys R Us stores are currently carrying the real deal. PS You provide the whipped cream ($ 14.99,

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