Friendly Visitor Program lends a helping hand

What may seem common to some may be a rare trial and privilege to others. But thanks to volunteer Cyndi Canevari of Warwick’s Friendly Visitor Program, older people like Dorothy Eumont no longer have to worry about how they will find transportation to their weekly appointments and errands.

“I couldn’t exist or go on without it because my kids, they don’t live around here,” Eumont said.

Eumont, an elderly person, had to abandon her car when she had a hip replaced.

What do you want to know

  • The friendly visitor program is active in six municipalities in Orange County
  • The Orange County Jewish Family Service operates the program with funding from the County Office for Aging
  • There are over 200 Friendly Visitor Program volunteers in Orange County

She needed a way to get around, so she contacted the Warwick Friendly Visitor Program.

Recently, Canevari, a volunteer, took Eumont to a doctor’s appointment. Canevari is one of 225 volunteers in the Orange County Friendly Visitor Program. She volunteered to help in January after retiring.

“Put yourself in their shoes and your independence will be taken away from you because you can no longer drive or your family members have moved to other parts of the country,” Canevari said.

Orange County’s senior population has increased 3% over the past decade. Unsurprisingly, the friendly visitor program has also seen an increase in demand.

Orange County Jewish Family Service operates the program with funding from the Orange County Office of Aging. The program has grown to serve six municipalities in the county.

“They deserve all the respect for what they gave the world in that moment and a lot of times they’re on their own. And so I just like to bring some company to their lives and help them with whatever they’re up to. need,” Canevari said.

The next stop on the couple’s journey was the pharmacy.

Eumont had an appointment to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

The motto of the program is “neighbors help each other”, but it seems that Canevari and Eumont are more than that.

“The volunteers have been amazing and each one of them has been very, very special. They are now my family and my friends,” Eumont said.

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