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Gabb Wireless, based in Lehi, launched a new streaming service for children on Wednesday. The service, called Gabb Music, is considered by the creators to be the largest library of clean, curated music for children.

Gabb Music uses an artificial intelligence software filtering system to select songs for kids from almost any era and genre, all without swear words, drug references or innuendo. The streaming service is radio-style, so kids choose from different mixes of music.

“Music is the most requested item by our Gabb children and parents. Instead of settling for another music service, we have built our own filter system and our own experience. This will allow children and teenagers to listen to many hits without the explicits,” Gabb Wireless CEO Nate Randle said in a press release. “We’ve built safe technology from the ground up, and now we’re doing it with music.”

Gabb Music uses tools like Tuned Global’s music catalog delivery service, LyricFind’s data analytics solution LyricIQ, and even human review to sift through millions of songs. So far, the streaming service offers over 100 mixes, with new music added every week.

Anne Marie McDonald, VP of Public Relations and Communications for Gabb Wireless, sees the need for a kid-friendly streaming service as a mother of four.

“We love music back home, and I understand that even of Billboard’s Top 100 hits, seven out of 10 have explicit lyrics,” she said. “That’s just not an acceptable standard, so we’ve developed this clean streaming service to be the perfect solution for families.”

As the parent of a teenager, McDonald said Gabb Music isn’t just for young kids, it’s for the whole family.

“It works really well because it’s not Kidz Bop, it’s real hits and music. And thanks to our proprietary artificial intelligence, we were able to have a system that allows the songs to be protected” , she said, “And it’s not just the lyrics, it’s also the context.”

According to McDonald, the company has already received a positive global response to Gabb Music.

“People love the idea of ​​a clean streaming music service,” she said.

Gabb Wireless is a cellular network company founded in 2018 with a mission to provide safe technology solutions for children. The company has developed the Gabb Phone and the Gabb Phone Plus, which are cell phones for kids without internet, social media apps or games.

Gabb Music is exclusively available on Gabb Phone and Gabb Phone Plus. People can find more information on


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