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I have always done my best to recycle, conserve electricity, and vote for government officials who take climate change seriously. But I didn’t understand the real gravity of the environmental decline until I watched An ocean of plastic on Netflix a few years ago. As I immediately bought reusable water bottles for myself and for each member of my family, my thinking changed dramatically.

Guilt over overly lenient vacation shopping is a growing sentiment. We all get dizzy when we find the perfect gift for someone, but consumerism really puts a damper on the holiday cheer, especially when you think about the amount of packaging that will be used, the number of old tech items that will be thrown out to make room for new devices, or the number of underworked workers. paid who work overtime to get you that cheap extra- outfit on Black Friday.

As the climate crisis becomes harder to ignore, many of us are wondering what we can do to help. While stopping air travel and zero waste is ideal on an individual level, it just isn’t achievable for the average person. However, gifts that have a positive impact on the environment offer a tangible way to get involved, including products made from materials already in circulation or sustainable versions of generally single-use items.


Rainn Wilson wants you to take the fight against climate change seriously

This is not to dismiss the fact that big companies and their bad polluting habits are the root of the problem. We can’t talk about ‘sustainable purchasing’ without acknowledging that the whole idea of ​​carbon footprints was created and nurtured by BP, one of the world’s largest carbon contributors, to put the blame on the people who throw straws.

But striving to be more environmentally friendly on an individual level is always a good idea. The single-use plastic we throw away after 12 seconds will either remain in a landfill and release methane for hundreds of years, or join the 8 million tonnes of plastic dumped into the ocean each year that end up in our drinking water. and have lethal effects. on marine life.

We have not yet reached the point of no return. At the very least, this reusable straw pack could be the gift that will spark a friend’s interest in the larger sustainability movement.

Here’s what to buy at all prices.

Eco-responsible gifts under $ 25

Christmas stockings don’t have to be zero. Small items like biodegradable toothbrushes, dishwasher-safe sandwich bags, and bar soaps that skip the bottle and pump are things they’ll be using every day anyway – now they can cut back on them. plastic waste while they’re there.

Best Green Gifts Under $ 50

Raising the price expands the possibilities of gifts to things that can be tailored to the interests and habits of a specific person. Your outdoor friend will be using a solar charger, and a Bluetooth tracker made from recycled fishing nets will be a godsend for your friend who loses their phone every week.

Eco-responsible gifts under $ 100

This is where the gifts come in so nice, the person will not even realize that their gift was chosen specifically because it is environmentally friendly. Teenage girls for whom leggings are a closet staple will love a matching leisure set from Girlfriend Collective – and you’ll love it because it kept a few old water bottles out of a landfill.

Green gifts under $ 200

More and more brands are making recycled materials a crucial part of their production process without let slip style or aesthetics. A new duvet, winter coat, or backpack was probably on their list anyway – get them an eco-friendly version.

Ecological gifts over $ 200 and really attractive

The best follies are the ones you don’t have to feel guilty about. Buying a refurbished Apple Watch (or other refurbished device) gives them the big gift they wanted while giving you the satisfaction of collecting future electronic waste.

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