Goals and highlights: South Korea 1-5 Brazil in international friendly match | 06/02/2022

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Thank you here for your audience for another World Cup warm-up game. Stay tuned here on VAVEL for the repercussions of this match. Have a nice day and see you next time!

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Next games

Korea returns to the field on Monday (6), at the same time as this match, when they face Chile. Brazil play the same day against Japan.

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Brazil ruthlessly beat South Korea, claiming yet another victory as the World Cup approaches!

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Gabriel Jesus came in from the right in the middle, stitching between the defenders and hitting a hard cross into the right corner, with no chances for the goalkeeper, making it one more for Brazil!

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Gabriel Jesus burst in the middle and left it for Matheus Cunha to beat him and see Seung save him!

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Substitution in South Korea: Hwang Heechan comes out and Kwon Chang-hoon enters.

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Son received the right pass and hit hard, but Weverton caught once more!

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Double substitution in Brazil: Fred and Paquetá left for Matheus Cunha and Bruno Guimarães.

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Paquetá recovers the pass over for Coutinho, who hits it with the first shot, without dropping it, and sends it in the left corner, without any chance of defense!

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Double substitution in Brazil: Neymar and Raphinha left for the entry of Coutinho and Gabriel Jesus.

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Neymar received on the halfpipe and left for Raphinha, who struck from outside the box and rammed the right post!

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Vini receives on the left, passes over the defender and shoots, on the right side!

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Double substitution in Brazil: Casemiro and Richarlison left for Fabinho and Vinícius Júnior.

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And confirming that after the goal, Korea made two substitutions: Paik Seung-ho and Lee Yong came out for the entry of Jeong Woo-yeong and Kim Moon-hwan.

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On Brazil’s error out, Uijo took off and hit hard, but Weverton caught him and grabbed the rebound too!

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In a replay of the first penalty, with even more cruelty as it brought Seung to his knees, Neymar scored Brazil’s third penalty by sending him into the left corner, increasing the score!

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And the referee headed for VAR again, as Alex Sandro, again, was knocked down in the box on a missed kick by the defender and won another penalty for Brazil!

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Neymar got a nice pass in the middle for Paquetá, who hit a cross and saw Seung save with his foot!

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Uijo takes the first touch and it’s time for the second half of the friendly match!

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Field teams

South Korea and Brazil return to the field unchanged to start the second half of the match!

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With goals from Richarlison and Neymar, while Uijo even equalized, Brazil beat South Korea in a friendly preparatory match for the World Cup!

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A corner from the left, taken by Neymar, was directed by Thiago Silva and the ball exploded on the crossbar! On the rebound Casemiro, in the small area, tries to deflect him and sends him over the goal!

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Neymar hit it low and without much power, only moving Seung to the right corner, sending him to the left, to put Brazil back in front once again!

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Between the goalkeeper’s saves on the previous kick, Alex Sandro was hit and knocked down in the box, earning Brazil a maximum penalty!

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Richarlison’s powerful header from midfield was deflected by Seung, and the defender pulled it back. Play continued until Dani Alves shot from outside the box, which Seung again prevented! And after all that the referee went to the VAR for a possible penalty for Brazil!

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Uijo received the pass through the middle, spun on Thiago Silva and hit hard, in the right corner, without any chance for Weverton, leveling the game!

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Richarlison claimed a penalty after being pulled into the box, VAR reviewed and play was ordered to continue. Brazil attacks Korea!

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In-Beom, after a shot blocked by Son, hit a hard shot from outside the box and saw Weverton save it on the right corner. In the rebound Son was angleless and still went for the shot on goal, but sent into the hands of Weverton.

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In the flight of the ball at the edge of the area, Paquetá recovered it, left it to Neymar, who took the line, crossed to Raphinha, who kicked and sent over the goal!

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Alex Sandro invaded the surface by passing two players and gave the pass in the back, where Fred arrived shooting, with a deflection to Richarlison last, to the bottom of the goal!

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Paquetá seized a chance from outside the box and sent it into Seung’s hands.

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On the first free kick of the match, coming from the left, Raphinha throws it back into the area and Thiago Silva heads for the goal, but he is offside and the Brazilian goal is disallowed.

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Richarlison makes the first contact with the ball and it rolls in the first half of the match!

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National anthems!

Now the national anthems of Brazil and Korea are played before the ball starts rolling.

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The teams on the ground!

The teams enter the field to start the match!

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Retrospective – part 2

Brazil have only been beaten once by Korea, in 1999, 1-0, at home. In all other matches, Brazil have won and conceded only two goals, one in 1997 (3-2) and one in 2002 (2-1).

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Retrospective – part 1

Brazil and Korea have only met in friendlies, having played six games in history, with five wins for Brazil and one for South Korea. Of those six games, five were in the hands of Brazil and one on neutral ground, never in the hands of Korea, as it will be today.

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Seoul World Cup Stadium

Today’s game will take place at Seoul’s Sang-am Stadium, or more famously as the Seoul World Cup Stadium. The stadium was inaugurated on November 10, 2001 and has a capacity of 66,704 fans. It was built for the 2002 World Cup, of which Brazil later became champions, and today is used by the South Korean national team and FC Seoul. During the 2002 World Cup, it hosted three matches: in Group A France 0x1 Senegal, in Group C Turkey 3×0 China and in the semi-finals South Korea 0x1 Germany.

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Warm up

The players enter the field to begin their warm-up.

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South Korea lined up!

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Now begins the broadcast of the friendly match between South Korea and Brazil, in preparation for the World Cup in Qatar, which will take place at the end of the year!

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Tune in here South Korea vs Brazil Live Score

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How to watch South Korea vs Brazil live on TV and streaming

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What time is the South Korea vs Brazil match for the international friendly match?

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Ryuji Sato will referee the match, along with assistants Hiroshi Yamauchi and Jun Mihara, with the entire referee team coming from Japan.

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South Korea likely

The likely South Korean team for the match is: Seung, Tae-hwan, Kwon Kyung-won, Young-gwon, and Kim Jin-su; Chang-hoon, Hwang Hee-chan, Jung Woo-young, Sang-ho and Son; Hwangt Ui-jo

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TiteBrazil coach, also praised the Korean team and predicted a quality game: “It will be a good show because of the characteristics of both teams, who love the game, to have possession of the ball. Korea are a well-integrated team because Paulo Bento has been there since the World Cup. The other result we had (against Korea in 2019) of 3-0 was dilated, maybe a result less than 3-0 would have been fairer“.

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Paul Bento

Paul BentoKorea coach, commented on the opportunity to face Brazil and praised Seleção Canarinho: “It’s a great chance to play against the best team in the world. I will do my best in all aspects and focus on maintaining player characteristics to try and compete and fight well against a good team“.

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Qualifications Sotuh American

In the World Cup qualifiers, Brazil sit in first place with 45 points from 17 games, with 14 wins and three draws, and 40 goals scored and only five conceded. Argentina is second with 29 points, as well as Uruguay with 28 stitches and Ecuador with 26. Peru qualified for the play-offs with 24 points. Colombiawith 23, Chile with 19, Paraguay with 16, Bolivia with 15, and Venezuela with 10 points closed the qualifications.

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Asian qualifications

In the third round, South Korea moved into second place, going straight to the world Cup, with 23 points in 10 games, with seven wins, two draws and one defeat, as well as 13 goals scored and three conceded. First went Iran with 25 points. The United Arab Emirates, with 12 points, went to the play-offs. The closing of the group was Iraq with nine dots, and Syria and Lebanon with six dots.

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Sentence: Brazil

Meanwhile, Brazil also played in South America’s World Cup qualifying matches where he ruthlessly overcame his opponents, scoring three straight 4-0 results. The first was against Paraguay on February 1, with goals from Raphinha, Coutinho, Antony and Rodrygo. The second was over Chile on March 24, with Neymar, Vinícius Júnior, Coutinho and Richarlison building the score. Finally, now far from home, on March 29, the victim of the turn was Bolivia, who suffered at the hands of Paquetá, Richarlison (2) and Bruno Guimarães.

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Sentence: South Korea

South Korea comes into the game after two wins and one loss in recent games. All of these wins came in the Asian World Cup qualifiers. The first was on February 1, 2-0 against Syria, with goals from Kim Jin-Su and Kwon Chang-hoon. It was also a 2-0 win over Iran on March 24 with goals from Son and Kim Young-Gwon. Finally, on March 29, the defeat returned to the United Arab Emirates, 1-0, with a goal from Harib Al-Maazmi.

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