Goals and highlights: Turkey 2-1 Scotland in international friendlies | 11/16/2022

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Turkey played at home against Scotland and won 2-1, with Barak and Under leading, but with McGinn reducing the score in the second half!

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Yellow for Deniz, for a hard foul in midfield.

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On the counter-attack, McGinn receives, takes off, invades the surface and goes past the defenders to get the crossfire, sending it into the left corner to reduce the score!

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Under received the pass, dragged himself inside the box and got the shot into the right corner, low and placed, opening the scoring!

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The teams are already on the field and Tosun gives the first touch to the ball to roll it for the second half of the match!

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With a goal from Kabak, Turkey beat Scotland in this international friendly match!

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From a free kick near the penalty area, Çalhanoglu lifted the ball towards the head of Kabak, who got the header to open the scoring late in the first half!

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Elmali received the ball in front, burst into the box and kicked hard, but Gordon saved the save!

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Substitution in Turkey: Kadioglu left, injured, and Elmali entered.

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Yellow for McTominay, for a foul in midfield.

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Çalhanoglu crossed the ball into the box and Kabak headed it hard, hitting the crossbar!

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Çalhanoglu hit a shot from outside the box and once again Gordon saved, giving the rebound to Tosun to shoot out of the box on his own, but already offside!

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Çalhanoglu hit a shot from outside the box and Gordon saved the game’s first chance!

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Dykes makes first contact with the ball and rolls it in the first half of the game!

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Field teams

The teams enter the field to start the match!

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We are now starting the broadcast of the international friendly match between Turkey and Scotland!

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How to watch Turkey v Scotland live on TV and streaming

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What time is the Turkey vs Scotland game for the international friendly match?

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Likely Scotland

The likely Scottish team for the match is: Gordon, Ramsay, Hendry, McKenna and Robertson; McTominay, Gilmour, Fraser, McGinn and Christie; Dykes.

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probable turkey

The probable Turkish team for the match is: Çakir, Celik, Kabak, Soyuncu and Elmali; Kocku, Kadioglu, Kahveci, Çalhanoglu and Under; Unal.

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Absent players

Turkey have made some changes leaving out some players from their national team, with for example Sanuc and Akaydin as newcomers. On the Scottish side, we will have absent players, as Taylor, Turnbull and Ralston are absent as the Celtic manager did not release them for the game, except for the injured McLean.

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Single game

These two teams have only met once in history, with Turkey winning 4-2 in a friendly in 1960.

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Nations League

Scotland and Turkey, now using the Nations League as a basis, finished the competition in the following situation: in Group 1 of League B with 13 points, in the lead, moving up a division, leaving behind the Ukraine with 11 points, Ireland with seven, and Armenia with three. With 13 points, but in League C Group 1, Turkey also moved up a division, leaving Luxembourg with 11 points, the Faroe Islands with eight and Lithuania with one.

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Last matches: Scotland

Scotland also played three Nations League games in September, winning two and drawing one. At home they beat Ukraine, 3-0, McGinn and Dykes twice, on the 21st. Three days later, again at home, the victory was 2-1 against Ireland, with goals from ‘Hendry and de Crhistie, transforming a game that started with an Egan goal for Ireland. Finally, the draw was away on the 27th, again with Ukraine, now scoreless.

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Last matches: Turkey

Turkey enters this match after a loss, a draw and a victory. The victory came at home on 14 June against Lithuania, 2-0, with goals from Ayhan and Çalhanoglu. After that, on September 22, the draw was 3-3, with Luxembourg again at home, with goals from Under, Chanont (owner) and Yuksek, while Da Graça, Sinani and Gerson scored for Luxembourg . Finally, defeat came three days later, at the Faroe Islands, 2-1, with goals from Davidsen and Edmundsson, while Gurler scored the other goal, all in Nations League games.

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