Goals and summary of Morocco 2-0 Chile in friendly match | 09/25/2022

17:01 2 months ago


The Morocco 2-0 Chile match is over.

16:46 2 months ago


Last minutes of the match, Morocco won the victory in this friendly match.

16:41 2 months ago


Chile are looking to tie the game, but it looks difficult because of Morocco’s pace.

16:35 2 months ago


Morocco dominates the match after the goal.

16:30 2 months ago


Morocco scores the first goal of the match from the penalty spot.

16:28 2 months ago


Morocco have yet to make a change and are under pressure from the Chilean attack.

16:18 2 months ago


The goal is disallowed and the score remains tied.

16:16 2 months ago


Morocco’s goal opened the scoring in the game.

16:15 2 months ago


Chile made some changes to try to be more attacking.

16:12 2 months ago


Chile starts this second half with more ball possession.

16:10 2 months ago


The second half begins.

15:52 2 months ago


Half time Morocco 0-0 Chile.

15:44 2 months ago


In the last minutes of the first half, the teams are not hurt and everything indicates that we will go to the break like that.

15:39 2 months ago


The intensity of the game increased a bit and the teams kept trying to open the scoreboard.

15:34 2 months ago


Chile equalize possession of the ball and try to be more dangerous than Morocco.

15:29 2 months ago


The scoreboard does not move and the teams inflict little damage on each other.

15:23 2 months ago


The game loses some intensity as the teams try to find each other on the field.

15:19 2 months ago


Morocco is the team with the most arrivals with 3, while Chile has no arrivals on goal.

15:13 2 months ago


Chile tries little by little to generate danger, but Morocco defends itself very well.

15:09 2 months ago


Morocco dominates and has possession of the ball at the start of the match.

15:07 2 months ago

To start up

Kick off of the match between Morocco and Chile, international friendly match.

14:51 2 months ago

Everything is ready

Everything is ready for the start of the match, the teams are preparing to enter the field for the start of the match.

14:46 2 months ago

End of warm-up

The teams finish warming up and get ready in the locker rooms for the start of the match, the supporters make a nice entrance for this match.

14:41 2 months ago

Grand Entrance

Grand entrance to the RCDE Stadium, the supporters are present to experience this international friendly match.

14:36 ​​2 months ago

Already warming up

The players are warming up, getting ready for the start of the match, which promises to be a great match with high quality players.

14:21 2 months ago

The teams are already at the stadium

The teams are already at the RCDE Stadium and are preparing to warm up for this international friendly match.

14:16 2 months ago


Little by little the fans arrive at the RCDE Stadium, there are Chilean fans who are present to support their national team despite having been excluded from the Qatar 2022 World Cup, there are also Moroccan fans who are enthusiastic about their national team facing the World Cup in November.

14:11 2 months ago

FIFA Ranking

Currently, the Moroccan national team is better positioned in the list of national teams, Morocco is in 23rd position, while the Chilean national team is in 29th position.

14:06 2 months ago

Chile without the World Cup

The Chilean national team will again be excluded from a World Cup after being excluded in Russia 2018, this time it will not be in the World Cup in Qatar 2022, another failure of this South American country which, with great players, has not been able to have successful management, and who will have to start working to reverse this situation and qualify for the World Cup in Mexico, USA and Canada 2026.

14:01 2 months ago

Stay connected to follow this match!

In a few moments we will share with you the Morocco vs Chile starting lineups, as well as the latest information from the Power Stadium. Stay tuned for VAVEL’s minute-by-minute online coverage of the game.

13:56 2 months ago

Where to watch the match Morocco vs Chile?

The Morocco vs Chile match will not be broadcast on television, you can follow it via the Star+ application.
If you want to follow it online, VAVEL is your best option.

13:51 2 months ago

Morocco Group

Morocco at the World Cup will be placed in Group F with Belgium, Canada and Croatia, arguably one of the most complicated groups where Morocco are the weakest team, while the favorites to stand qualifying for the next round are Belgium and Croatia, a group that give a lot to say.

13:46 2 months ago


Neither team has injured players, so they can count on a full squad for tomorrow’s Fifa warm-up match.

13:41 2 months ago


These two teams have never met in a friendly match, but according to the odds, Morocco are the favorites to win, as they are the team that comes with the most preparation for the World Cup.

13:36 2 months ago

key player Chile

13:31 2 months ago

Key player Morocco

The Morocco midfielder, who is currently playing at Chelsea, whose national team has 40 games played and 17 goals scored, while the blues have only played 2 games, will be one of the players to watch during the next World Cup in November.

13:21 2 months ago

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