Google introduces new Play Store rules to make apps more kid-friendly

There are many apps on the Play Store, but not all of them are necessarily suitable for children. While many aren’t deliberately meant to be adult-only, some apps do occasionally provide access to content aimed at older audiences. In an effort to make Play Store apps more child-friendly and accessible, Google has announced new rules.

In an update of Developer Program Rules, Google basically states that if an app is developed for children, it should be appropriate for children in all parts of the world. Since there are different rules around the world, this can be quite difficult for developers to implement.

According to Google:

“Content in your app that is accessible to children must be appropriate for children. If your app contains content that is not globally appropriate, but that content is deemed appropriate for child users in a particular region, the app may be available in that region but will remain unavailable in other regions.

Google doesn’t state what makes an app inappropriate, but depending on the wording of the update, it will vary from region to region. As Android Police note, an example would be Telegram where in the German Play Store it is classified as an 18+ app, while the UK Play Store simply offers a parental guidance disclaimer.

Source: android font

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