Google Pixel 6a review: The budget smartphone par excellence?

How does it compare to some of the other mid-range smartphones on the market? On paper, it’ll beat most metrics against the iPhone SE and Nothing Phone 1, and compares favorably to everything else in display quality, battery life, screen quality, and more. camera and processing power. It won’t surprise you to learn that the market is full of affordable handsets at this price, but you can’t argue with the specs.

Unparalleled camera setup

If there’s one thing Google has mastered, it’s a camera system that takes exceptionally good photos. The 6a, being budget, doesn’t have the same sensor or processing power that you’ll find on the Pixel 6 or even the upcoming Pixel 7. Instead, you get a 12-megapixel (MP) sensor and a 12MP ultrawide with image stabilization and raw processing power inside the camera bar (which is the same as the Pixel 5 series’ rear camera). It will remain as a solid camera for BBQ Gram shots and night photography, you may not get the same sharpness from the more expensive models.

A highlight for us is portrait mode which gently blurs the background for standout selfies and better focus on your subject, whether it’s an aesthetically pleasing bowl of ramen or your partner on the beach. The Google Pixel 6a’s night photography mode is also decent, though it may have lost its touch a bit compared to its more expensive brethren, with a fair amount of noise creeping in when trying to snap snaps. in low light.

However, the really fun side of the camera installed on the Google Pixel 6a is the magic eraser function, which allows you to eradicate those pesky photobombers or unsightly imperfections in your shots. Simply take your photo, hit the edit button and circle anything you don’t want included in the photo and the internal intelligence will eliminate distractions for the perfect shot every time. It’s a ton of fun to play with and a great partner for the face blur and camouflage feature that accentuates your subject (even if you catch it moving) and draws color into important sections of your photo to really catchy. snaps into place. Mix 4K video recording with 60fps HDR and you have an excellent camera that rivals the Google Pixel 6 for photographic prowess.

Digital signage is a beast for gaming

The Pixel 6a arrives with a 6.1-inch Dynamic AMOLED display found on many other Android phones, putting it firmly in the “small smartphone” category. It’s a great display, with perfectly crisp and colorful games and movies on the go. It might just be our eyes, but it also looks a little brighter than other handsets we’ve used, which was a boon for trying to see what our sunny shots look like through the heat wave. While the OLED display’s 60Hz refresh rate is somewhat depressing, its HD nature is still a step up from Apple’s iPhone SE.

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