Google will bring a privacy sandbox adapted to ads on Android

(Bloomberg) — Google said it would bring its Privacy Sandbox initiative to Android phones, pledging to chart a less “brutal” path than rival Apple Inc., whose efforts to protect users’ personal information have undermined the digital advertising market.

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Alphabet Inc., which relies on ads for most of its revenue, said it can protect phone user data while giving advertisers and app makers new technology to deliver relevant promotions and track the results. Tools proposed for the Android mobile operating system would limit app makers’ ability to share a person’s information with third parties and prohibit data tracking across multiple apps, wrote Anthony Chavez, vice president of the product management for Android Security & Privacy, in a blog. Publish. Google said it plans a beta launch of the tools by the end of 2022 and “scale testing” in 2023.

Chavez said in an interview that the best way forward is an approach “that enhances user privacy and a healthy mobile app ecosystem. We need to create new technologies that guarantee user privacy by default while supporting these key advertising features. »

Google is trying to balance the growing demands of privacy-conscious consumers and regulators with the financial needs of developers and advertisers. The company is seeking comments on the proposal, similar to how its Privacy Sandbox initiative is slowly developing a new privacy standard for web browsing. The company’s first proposal drew derision from UK regulators and peers, and Google has since suggested it would run ads based on topics a user cares about that are removed and replaced after three weeks.

Facebook’s parent company, Meta Platforms Inc., is at odds with Apple over the company’s App Tracking Transparency tool, which allows iPhone owners to opt out of tracking across all of their apps. Google’s YouTube has also taken a relatively small financial hit from the technology, executives said. Essentially, it’s harder for marketers to determine if their iPhone ads were successful.

The Privacy Sandbox on Android will enable personalized ads based on recent “topics” of interest and enable attribution reporting, which lets marketers know if their advertising was effective, Chavez said in the interview. .

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