Hardbacon Reveals Canada’s Most Crypto-Friendly Banks

Hardbacon, a personal finance app used by more than 35,000 Canadians, today unveiled its list of the 12 most crypto-friendly banks in Canada.

Today, an increasing number of Canadians hold cryptocurrency investments and it is important to find a reliable bank that can meet their cryptocurrency needs. The most crypto-friendly banks in Canada allow you to buy cryptocurrency via wire transfer, wire transfer, and even debit; while a few will also give you the tools to fund your crypto exchange account using a credit card.

As part of Hardbacon’s mission to help Canadians make better financial decisions, Hardbacon has brought together the financial institutions in Canada that will make it easier for you to access your cryptocurrency and ensure you never have to worry about your deposits being rejected by the bank. . The list highlights top crypto features from 12 banks in Canada to help Canadians make the best choice for their needs.

“It’s crucial to make sure you can partner with a bank in Canada that supports your crypto investments,” said Hardbacon CEO Julien Brault. “For any Canadian looking to get the most out of their crypto investments, this list is a must-have to learn more about the most crypto-friendly banks in Canada and how they can meet your day-to-day needs.”

The 12 Best Crypto-Friendly Banks in Canada

  • Toronto Dominion (TD)
  • National bank of Canada
  • capital of the coast
  • Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)
  • RBC
  • Scotiabank
  • HSBC
  • MTB
  • Gardens
  • Manulife Bank
  • Vanville
  • BMO

Hardbacon’s list, including the 12 most crypto-friendly banks in Canada, can be found in more detail on the Hardbacon blog.

About Hardbacon

Hardbacon helps Canadians plan, budget and invest, while allowing users to compare different financial services such as credit cards, bank accounts, online brokers, robo-advisors, mortgages and crypto exchanges. Hardbacon is available for download on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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