Highlights & Goals: Blackpool 2-4 Everton in 2022 Friendly | 07/24/2022

11:49 17 hours ago

90′ End of the match

Gameover at Bloomfield Road. Everton win 4-2 at home to Blackpool, who complete their pre-season before the start of the Championship next week.

11:45 17 hours ago

85′ Last minute

It remains 4-2 in the game. Not much has happened in recent games.

11:41 AM17 hours ago

80′ Last straight line of the match

Last 10 minutes of the match. After the substitutions, the match did not have many emotions.

11:34 17 hours ago

70′ Few changes in the game

Everton continue to win with a little more composure. Teams made substitutions to give several players minutes and the pace also slowed.

11:22 17 hours ago

64′ GOOOOAL for Everton

DELE ALLI AGAIN! The midfielder anticipated the Blackpool defense after a midfield cross from the right and pushed the ball in to increase the lead again.

11:18 AM17 hours ago

60′ First quarter of the second half

Everton’s victory was maintained, although Blackpool tried to be more attacking than in the first half.

11:14 17 hours ago


Superb shot by Josh Bowler who was saved by the visiting team’s goalkeeper.

11:14 17 hours ago

54′ Yellow card

Dele Alli has been booked for Everton.

11:10 17 hours ago

51′ GOOOOAL for Blackpool

CONNOR CONNOLLY! The defender scores with a header after a corner from the right.

11:05 17 hours ago

48′ GOOOOOAL for Everton!

DEL ALLI! The striker scores the visitors’ third goal after a loose ball following a save from Dan Grimshaw.

11:00 18 hours ago

The second half begins

The game resumes at Bloomfield Road.

10:55 18 hours ago

45′ End of the first half

The first half of the match ends. Everton lead 2-1 partially at Bloomfield Road.

10:50 18 hours ago

44′ GOOOOAL for Blackpool

GARY MADINE! It’s time for the home team to take the lead! The striker scores after the ball was left loose by Pickford’s save after a shot from outside the box.

10:45 18 hours ago

40′ Last five minutes

Everton try to leave the responsibility of attacking to Blackpool, but the home side fail to bother them.

10:40 18 hours ago

35′ Last stretch of the first half

10 minutes left in the first half. The game is still 2-0.

10:35 18 hours ago

30′ Half-hour match

Everton continue to win calmly. Blackpool haven’t bothered him much so far in the game.

10:30 18 hours ago

25′ Few changes

There’s not much to say about the game apart from the two goals. Everton haven’t had much clarity over the last few minutes and Blackpool continue to pose no risk.

10:25 18 hours ago

20′ The score remains 2-0

Blackpool did not go very close to the opposing goal. Few offensive proposals from the local team so far.

10:20 18 hours ago

15′ First quarter of the match

Everton continue to look for more goals. Playing on the flanks is key for Frank Lampard’s side.

10:15 18 hours ago

10′ GOOOOOAL for Everton

TOM DAVIES! The midfielder scores with a header after Salomón Rondón receives a pass for a corner and sends the ball past the goal. The score quickly becomes 2-0.

10:10 18 hours ago

6′ GOOOAL for Everton

VITALY MYKOLENKO! The midfielder scores with a shot from the left foot following a cross from the right.

10:05 18 hours ago

5′ First minutes

Everton came out determined to take the lead from the opening minutes.

10:00 19 hours ago

The game begins

The match between Blackpool and Everton begins.

09:55 19 hours ago

Everything is ready

In a few moments, the game between Blackpool and Everton will begin.

09:50 19 hours ago

Starting XI – Everton

09:45 19 hours ago

Starting XI – Blackpool

09:40 19 hours ago

How players got to Bloomfield Road

09:35 19 hours ago

Last five games – Everton

09:30 19 hours ago

Last five games – Blackpool

09:25 19 hours ago

All on Bloomfield Road

09:20 19 hours ago

Happy to see you again

We are now ready to bring you the action of this friendly game between Blackpool and Everton.

09:15 19 hours ago

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How to watch Blackpool vs Everton live on TV and online?

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What time is the Blackpool vs Everton friendly game?

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Key player – Everton

08:55 20 hours ago

Key player – Blackpool

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History of Blackpool v Everton

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The match will be played at Bloomfield Road

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