How adding friendly fire can change Valorant

Valorant is constantly evolving as a competitive first-person shooter through the release of various agents and playable maps. This gives players a new gaming experience with each seasonal update.

One of the biggest and most widespread changes that have recently arrived in Valorant is the activation of friendly fire, which has been absent for a long time since the game was released in June 2020.

Thus, seeing a complete change in gameplay style is inevitable as the feature did not exist before and many users played the game without thinking about collateral damage.

Friendly fire penalties are now in effect. Excessive damage to allies will now result in punishment | #VALORANT

Inevitable change in Valorant’s style of play after the addition of friendly fire

Friendly shooter mechanics have been present in competitive games for a long time. However, he has been absent from Valorant since its release. The lack of such a feature has made the game relatively easier than other competitive games, and Riot Games might think to do it right.

For now, Valorant remains a playground for trigger-happy people who shoot without fear of casualties. With the addition of friendly fire, this aspect of the game will completely change as it will bring a sense of fear to those who don’t notice if friends are around them.

Getting killed by friendly fire can change an entire game situation. This has happened before in other competitive titles, which always had friendly fire enabled.

Some players might be unhappy with the addition of friendly fire to Valorant, but it was necessary for competitive play with mechanics similar to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

However, some issues also come with friendly fire, i.e. acts of toxicity by intentionally killing teammates.

Many games have tackled this problem in different ways, such as Counter-Strike which directly bans a player for 24 hours if a player kills someone at the start of a round, which eventually increases if the player continues to do so for a extended period.

Additionally, Rainbow Six Siege takes note of the player’s habit of team killing and the victim’s approval of the act of mourning, be it an accident, to begin with. So to speak, how the Valorant dev team will handle this issue in their own game is something to watch.

Now, how much Valorant will be affected by the addition of friendly fire can’t be precisely said yet. So only time can tell how competitive play will change with the addition of the missing game mechanic, but it will certainly shake things up when it plays out in the main game.

To note: This article reflects the author’s point of view.

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