How to create custom gas mixtures

Gas mixtures of the highest caliber and the highest purity are necessary for the calibration of analytical tools and gas detectors. Calibrations need to be checked regularly to ensure that devices are working as they should for many applications, from forensic analysis to security devices.

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Many gas analysis or safety devices work with a combination of gases. When a single device is intended to operate with a combination of gases, the calibration procedure must take into account each gas that will be used.

Calibration can become a laborious and time-consuming operation for detectors used in applications such as air pollution monitoring, where a single device can monitor up to five distinct gaseous species.

Approved use gas mixtures is a way around the problem of having to test the performance of the device with different gases. In a single cylinder, high quality gas mixtures can contain a number of gaseous species in defined proportions and concentrations.

The correct gas mixture is useful for more than just calibrating the instrument; it is also used in many other industries to create modified atmospheres for food preservation and to create ideal conditions for engineering procedures such as laser cutting and welding.

The creation of a tailor-made gas mixture

It can be expensive and difficult to detect the concentrations of many chemical species accurately and precisely with gas mixing equipment. It can also be difficult to measure the stability of some mixtures.

The solution lies in the products of Air Products Gas mixture selectora user-friendly website that lists the most popular gas mixtures in a particular industry and allows users to quickly and effortlessly create custom mixtures and orders.

Aerial products

Air Products is a world leader in the creation of certified and traceable gas mixtures. Air Products can supply a range of gas mixtures that goes beyond simple standard binary mixtures to much more complex multi-component mixtures using state of the art in-house capabilities and extensive gas mixing expertise.

With the help of Air Products’ Gas Mixture Selector, users can locate the ideal product at any time without having to contact the company for a quote or sales assistance. It also saves users the time they would otherwise spend browsing through catalogs to find the best product.

Users can select the appropriate cylinder size and customize their order with the Custom Gas Mixture Selector, which prevents them from placing a larger order than necessary, saving users money and reducing the waste of gas.

The Gas Mixture Selector is designed to allow users to select the accreditation they need as part of the quotation process for many industries and calibration applications where accreditation and traceability are required. With all this, users can get the required gas mixture without having to pay extras that are not necessary.

Check out the gas mixture selector to see how quickly the ideal bespoke gas mixture can be selected and how easy it can be to request a quote.

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