How to Find 7,664 Diet Menu Items (and Counting!) in the ACT

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Forget endlessly scrolling through menus, Googling reviews, and trying to figure out if this meal might maybe meet your dietary needs – a new website makes eating out a lot easier.

To encounter FoodMean online food directory designed to help those with dietary needs feel confident deciding where and what to eat (because we’ve all experienced the pain of only having one choice on the menu).

Instead, users can spend less time searching and more time eating foods they actually enjoy.

Founded by Sydney-based Michael Cerbara, who has a background in management consulting and is a foodie, FoodMe was born after watching his partner struggle to find gluten- and dairy-free options in restaurants, let alone. good options.

“Every time we went somewhere, like the pub, there was always a gluten-free option or a dairy-free option or both. But it sucked, and it was just symbolically like an attempt to have the bare minimum to serve someone,” he says.

“It really comes down to the fact that it would be nice if I could go out with my partner and know that we’re not only going to have a gluten-free and dairy-free option, but it’s going to be good too.”

From celiac to gluten-free, vegan, halal, lactose-free, pescatarian, and even refined sugar-free, the magic of FoodMe is that it will show you restaurants in your area that meet your needs and what dishes you can have there.

Users can choose and filter their allergy types and food preferences, searching up to 10 km around the selected area. And the best part is that the filter will tell you exactly how many diet menu items are in each restaurant.

“It’s even better if you have a complex group of friends,” says Michael. “My partner often meets a vegan friend and being able to see which restaurant meets all his requirements is often a big problem.”

“It’s about making sure everyone can actually eat a substantial amount and not just be stuck with fries and salad.” adds FoodMe Product Manager Antonio Sergi.

But if you want to be even more precise, you can even refine the search for a restaurant, a cuisine or a dish, perfect to satisfy all your desires.

Still collating data from menus across Australia, according to Michael and Antonio, the ACT offers 7,664 healthy meals (and counting).

Planning to keep updating the list as well as creating FODMAP menus so users know which menu items they can eat and should avoid based on the rating system, the next step is to use an intelligence engine to confirm whether menu items that are not specifically labeled apply or do not apply to a dietary requirement.

“There are all these naturally vegan or naturally gluten-free items that a restaurant doesn’t label that way – we’re just trying to raise awareness of what’s naturally gluten-free or naturally vegan so users can clearly identify where they can eat and what they can eat,” says Antonio.

And after hours of research, what is their tip for the best healthy cuisine? According to Michael and Antonio, it’s Mexican.

“Mexican is the best – whatever someone can’t eat there will be an option.”

A deliciously stress-free meal that everyone can enjoy? Sign us up.

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